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Paul Deep – Banshee [Balkan Connection]

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Paul Deep - Banshee [Balkan Connection]

Paul Deep makes his Balkan Connection debut this week with 'Banshee'. The Argentinean artist is fresh off releases on Dopamine Music, Or Two Strangers and Sound Avenue, all of which have found their place in the progressive underground. Now making his first appearance on Balkan Connection Paul presents his latest single alongside remixes from Anton MAKe, Erdi Irmak and Sebastian Franco. 

Known for his pure progressive productions, Paul has come up with another gem in 'Banshee'. Deep and pulsating from the outset the piece moves forward with buzzing synths and clattering percs. There's a nice dramatic sense about it, subtle but ever growing and ultimately quite powerful as a result. The main break excels with its modular storyboard, simple but very effective and carrying nicely into a heady finale.

First up on the remixes is Anton Make who returns to the label for his eighth appearance. The Russian artist provides a more club oriented version with a strong percussive cadence. The buzzing motif opens up early, carrying on through the first act and into a short but dramatic break. It's the scaled back drop which is most impactful however, executed perfectly and when the drums drop back in the rhythmic shift is very powerful.

Continuing on, the ever versatile Erdi Irmak returns to Balkan Connection for his 13th appearance and delivers another on the money remix. Delightfully atmospheric at the outset, the Turkish artist shifts moods wonderfully with playful rhythms, spacey designs and strong clap clusters. As the hypnotic elements rise so too do the meditative qualities, making for a very unique vibe, particularly during the main break which goes from dramatic to blissful quite effortlessly.

The release concludes with Sebastian Franco making his debut appearance on the label. The Argentinean artist shot into the spotlight with his 'Nohono' collaboration with Paul Deep, released courtesy Antrim's Or Two Strangers imprint just last week and now presents his first solo project here. It's quite a subversive take flowing through murky grooves and glimmering melodic themes, the latter of which makes for a very special break and ultimately closes the release out on a strong note. 

Buy: http://bit.ly/2uJXqoI
Release Date: 24-07-2017

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