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Kühl – Liquid Album [SoulArt Recordings]

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Kühl - Liquid Album [SoulArt Recordings]

The latest release from SoulArt Recordings finds the label presenting the much anticipated concept CD from Kuhl. Beginning his career in the early nineties, the Hungarian DJ quickly grew to one of the most beloved figures in the countries electronic music underground. Residencies at Hungary's hottest venues combined with a unique sense of dance floor dynamics, saw Kuhl rise to the countries #1 DJ in 2001 and 2002. Now he brings his concept album to SoulArt Recordings amidst much hype and rightly so as it contains fresh music from Hungary's top progressive house artists, some of which have collaborated with Kuhl specifically for the project. Featured on the album in order of appearance are: East Cafe, Jose Tabarez, Robert R. Hardy, Erich Von Kollar, Shootie and KIDD Corp.

The release gets underway in fine style with the previously released 'Drops In A Downpour' by East Cafe. Out last month, it's the perfect mood setter with its serene melodies and smooth rhythmic flow. It leads to the first Kuhl collaborative track on the release with the excellent Jose Tabarez. Known for his work on Balkan Connection and Stellar Fountain the young talent works his magic alongside the veteran ear of Kuhl with 'Plastic Cactus'. Full of heartfelt melodies it's a journey through the realms of pure progressive house. A nod to the old school certainly and with a tough, percussive framework that should be ideal for the dance floor. Next we see Robert R. Hardy collaborating with Kuhl which is highly intriguing. It pits one of Hungary's hottest artists of the moment with the time tested experience of Kuhl. The results speak for themselves with deep, dark grooves and sinister themes quickly taking hold of you. Quite devilish at times but with a spiritual undertone conveyed through indistinct vocals and a wash of textural bliss. One of the collections best tracks perhaps. The energy picks up quite a bit with 'Tsunami', a brand new solo effort from East Cafe. Continuing the lovely melodic trend with smooth arps and orchestral overtones. It's the unassuming break which steals the show though; it's quiet, oriental vibe transforms into a futuristic electronic wasteland, eventually broken with the lead themes and a thunderous drop. Stellar Fountain boss Erich Von Kollar is next with his latest entitled 'End of the Tunnel'. Long noted for his diverse productions the Hungarian artist brings a tough and dance floor minded creation here, all while sticking to the melodic theme of the collection. Strong phrasing and plonky electronics make for a great foundation while symphonic themes add a unique and delightful top line.

The album's half way point marks the return of Shootie with a brand new production entitled 'Soulsium'. This breaks a six year silence from the Hungarian veteran and definitely hits just the right spot. Crisp, vibrant and full of lovely chord stabs it's both musical and highly detailed, an excellent production. After all these years the fire burns bright and the magic is still alive as we see on the next selection with Shootie now collaborating with Kuhl on 'Highrollers'. A pure dance floor burner with galloping grooves, smooth harmonics and just a hint of trancey melodies in the break. It's the transition out of the second act which really stands out, firey with waves of noise and a powerful rush of beats and drums carrying you home. Next up KIDD Corp, which is a quartet led by well known Hungarian artist Dynamic Illusion collaborates with Kuhl on 'Lucy'. It's a nice change of pace actually as it comes off a bit less proggy and more minimalistic in design. A spoken word storyboard is the primary theme along with a wonky lead line, which really sounds fabulous in the third act. Next up Shootie reworks Hungarian veteran Draft and his trance classic 'Dombok Felett'. Originally released in 2001 on the Magneoton imprint, Shootie now reworks it into the perfect 2017 festival tune. Anthemic from the outset with gorgeous chord changes and angelic vocals it sits as the collection's emotional peak. It perfectly sets the stage for the closer which is perhaps the release's biggest dance floor track. Coming again courtesy of Shootie and aptly titled 'The Guide of Ibiza' it carries the vibe of the island perfectly with dynamic builds, charged rhythms and strong themes. A perfect club record and one you're bound to be hearing a lot as the summer unfolds. Kuhl has outdone himself on this collection, pulling some of the best music from the scenes current stars and reviving one from the past. It's 2017 and progressive house is alive and well, with Hungary being one of the premiere destinations for it. Highly recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2tnQ6vA
Release Date: 24-07-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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