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Darren Bray – Boreal Forest [Stellar Fountain]

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Adding more new talent to their roster, Stellar Fountain welcomes Darren Bray to the label with 'Boreal Forest'. Originally inspired by Sasha & Digweed's first Northern Exposure mix album, Irish producer Darren Bray emerged in 2020 with releases via Balkan Connection's BC2 and Balkan United. Armed with a nostalgic take on the progressive genre, Darren then quickly racked up projects for 3rd Avenue, Capital Heaven, Electronic Tree, Massive Harmony Records and more. Now adding Stellar Fountain to his resume, Darren debuts on the label with 'Boreal Forest', alongside remixes from Peve and Nehli.

The release begins with the original mix which finds Darren moving closer to the organic sounds which Stellar Fountain has been featuring of late. It’s warm groove commands a big presence from the outset, adorned with flickering percussion and rolling pulses to drive momentum forward. Exotic drums and meandering motifs add nicely to it's organic feel, before ghostly vocal phrasing and a calming break prelude a groovy finale.

Making his label debut and providing the first remix is Peve. Beloved for his releases via Akbal, Cigarette Music, Hoomidaas, RYNTH and The Purr, the Brazilian artist keeps the organic feel of the original, while adding greater depth and drive through rolling rhythmic structures and timely effects. A hazy break only adds to it's intoxicating nature and ultimately makes for a mix that should fair well on a dance floor but also fits in perfectly during a late night headphone listening session.

Rounding out this trio of label debutantes is Nehli who provides the second and final interpretation of 'Boreal Forest'. Also based in Brazil, Nehli has impressed just four releases into his discography with stand out offerings via Everything Will Be OK, Hoomidaas and Sirin Music. Here he takes 'Boreal Forest' into his world of groovy basslines and soulful musicality. Chunkier and more buoyant than it's counterparts, Nehli makes great use of the choir-like vocal, while adding catchy arps and a transcendent break which delivers a reflective vibe to cap the release off on a high note. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3InkaNq

Release Date: 18-03-2021

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