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Cherry (UA) & Groove Shack – Silhouettes Of Time [Timeless Moment]

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In the realm of Timeless Moment, the luminous talent Cherry returns alongside the dynamic force of Groove Shack to unveil their latest collaboration: "Silhouettes of Time." At the heart of this sonic journey lies the title track, a peak-time melodic techno masterpiece that captivates the soul. As ethereal harmonies intertwine with pulsating stabs, Groove Shack's emotive vocals paint a vivid portrait of temporal beauty. The track unfolds like a mesmerizing dance with the cosmos, each beat resonating with the echoes of moments past and the promise of moments yet to come. With its enchanting melodies and evocative lyrics, "Silhouettes of Time" invites listeners to immerse themselves in the ephemeral wonder of existence, where the boundaries between past, present, and future blur into a transcendent whole. Meanwhile, "Black Moon" delves into the depths of groovy progressive house, weaving a sonic tapestry that mesmerizes the senses. Against a backdrop of hypnotic elements and flawless production, Groove Shack's introspective musings take center stage, exploring the enigmatic allure of hidden truths and the profound beauty found within darkness. With its infectious rhythms and evocative atmosphere, "Black Moon" invites listeners on a nocturnal journey through the depths of introspection and self-discovery. Together, Cherry and Groove Shack craft an EP that transcends time and space, leaving an indelible mark on the melodic landscape with their boundless creativity and collective artistry.

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Release Date: 08-03-2024

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