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Bross – Miraviglia [Magician On Duty]

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Following excellent remixes of Rapossa, Magician On Duty returns with a much anticipated EP from Bross. The Romanian artist got his career off to a great start in 2017 with a pair of releases on Sound Avenue’s deeper division Crossfade Sounds. The year was capped off nicely with a remix on the surging deep house label The Purr, making Bross one of the most talked about newcomers as 2018 began. Now making his Magician On Duty debut Bross presents his ‘Miraviglia’ EP alongside remixes from Adrien(RO) and El Mundo.

Beginning with the title selection Bross explores free flowing aesthetics and cross cultural motifs. Backed by a framework of tight beats, organic drums and afro elements comes joyous themes and radiant atmospheres. The feel good factor is high on this one and the eventual reveal of the primary vocal theme during the break is quite magical. There is also a beatless version included which is absolutely gorgeous as the emotive soundscapes, cricket-like electronics and spiritual vocals are exceptionally powerful just on their own. The companion piece ‘Bororo’ is equally brilliant and sits in a similar sonic space with charming atmospheres, emotive shades and a percussive, swing heavy groove that is sure to translate well on the dance floor.

Both remixes do a wonderful job at taking an already incredible original and putting a slightly different slant on it thus opening it up to a broader audience. First up is yet another excellent up and coming Romanian artist in Adrien who made his debut on Magician On Duty with the ‘Imagination’ EP from February of this year. Here he takes 'Miraviglia' into sleeker more refined territory with a tight, rhythmic framework complete with muted bongos and waves of meditative percussion. The main themes get utilized nicely, albeit in a slightly less distinct way, allowing the atmospheric storyboard to fully encompass the piece. The break is the real highlight, spanning over two minutes in length with emotive swells building throughout and eventually reaching a tasteful drop.

The second and final interpretation of 'Miraviglia' is provided by El Mundo who is making his label debut. Best known for his releases on Bondage Music, Get Physical and Underyourskin the Berlin resident has become a sought after remixer in the deep house underground. Always operating at a creative peak, El Mundo caps the release of with a soulful rework of ' Miraviglia'. The tempo comes down a touch and the drums sit in an amazing organic space while gentle atmospheric swells and vocal fragments trail across the fluid framework. Additional synth elements add a twist that is both vibrant and modern, playing perfectly off the intertwined vocals for a highly emotive nine minute journey. It rounds out a stunning release from Magician On Duty which sits as one of my favourites on the label thus far. Highly Recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2wasj5M

Release Date: 27-08-2018

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