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Be Svendsen – State The Obvious [Sol Selectas]

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Sabo and his label Sol Selectas once again take us on a musical trip around the world, with enchanting synth lines, psychedelic atmosphere, and tribal beats.

Focusing mainly on electronic sound, but still with some organic textures, the thirteen tracks on this special compilation range from melodic, deep house to tribal electronica.

The label welcomes new artists Aurka, Tamada, Serkan Eles, and DOMA for their debut on Sol Selectas.

They are also happy to present music from returning label favourites such as Be Svendsen, Timboletti, Guy Maayan, Ayala (IT), Golan Zocher and Choopie, Hot Oasis, PAAX Tulum, and Tuba Twooz.

Individually the artists have all made many solo achievements including music released on other labels such as Bar 25 Music, Crosstown Rebels, Cosmic Awakenings, and Kindisch.

Last year Sol Selectas launched its spring compilation 'Global Entry' which bridges the gap between the cold winter and hot summer. Warming our hearts, minds and souls with enlightening sounds, this second edition of the compilations once again welcomes in the summer months.

The songs feature heartfelt melodies, swirling arpeggios, subtle acid licks, distorted electric guitars, desert grooves, and lots of tribal percussion.

The artwork by Helia Jamali displays an interstellar doorway up the stairs of an exotic hacienda on a distant but familiar planet.

Buy: bit.ly/3e4h2KO
Release Date: 07-05-2021



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