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Marcelo Paladini – Moon is Droop [pad]

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Presenting their second release of 2021, pad welcomes Marcelo Paladini to the label with 'Moon is Droop'. The Argentinean artist has enjoyed a career resurgence of late with a string of impressive releases for 3rd Avenue, RYNTH and The Purr. Although known for traditional progressive house sounds early on, Marcelo's second incarnation has been tinged with the current trend of organic house. Now making his debut on pad Marcelo presents a new single alongside remixes from Nico Cerban and Barklas.

The original mix leads the release off with a deep, groovy and emotive vibe. Clocking in at 116 bpm it's laid back nature and funky low end marry well with swing heavy percussion, playful arps and glowing pads. Indistinct voices trail through the framework leading into the break where a serene calm perfectly sets the stage for a warm, robust finale.

First up on the remixes is Nico Cerban who complements the original well with a pacier yet equally gorgeous rendition. A fuller groove and catchy rhythmic drive makes it ideal for the dance floor, while an array of striking electronics also make for an intriguing listen. The main break carries just enough tension to setup a dramatic build and powerful drop, with never losing sight of the track's groovy nature.

Rounding out the release is Barklas who delivers a headier interpretation with some lovely drum elements and smooth hypnotic flow. An array of glitchy effects and vocal edits shine across the first break as the groove rolls forward with a powerful cadence. The second and final break advances the narrative further with a disorienting glow that is both drama building and emotive. It's this unique mood which perfectly segues into a final act filled with more excellent effects and timely vocal edits. An impressive remix from Barklas which caps off another superb offering from pad that is not to be missed. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3h1EuKe

Release Date: 03-05-2021

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