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Bachir Salloum – The Space Between Us [Magician On Duty]

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Bachir Salloum returns to Magician On Duty for his debut EP alongside remixes from Savvas and Hoolz. The Beirut native first appeared on the US imprint in January of this year with a contribution to the label's Two Year Anniversary collection. Also laying claim to releases on Akbal, Dream Culture, Earthly Delights and Sound Avenue, Bachir now lands back on Magician On Duty for his first EP.

Beginning with the title selection Bachir crafts a deep, bulbous creation which sets the tone for the five track excursion. Warm and rife with character, it's the hearty low end which commands your attention at the outset. Organic drums, quirky electronics and glowing pads quickly shift the narrative into more emotive territory, perfectly foreshadowing a poignant lead theme which carries into the break. It's an impassioned interlude, almost introspective at moments and one which delivers on a profound level before transitioning into a groovy finale. 'Roach Material' comes in a touch trackier, relying on clever rhythmic structures, exotic drums and fragmented melodic concepts. A subversive piece and one which should provide perfect mid-set moments. The final original 'Rimasoul' has a slightly dubbier feel, particularly in the low end as slabs of bass power forward amidst clanky drums and enigmatic tones. The storyboard opens up during a free flowing second act, as textural drifts and offset themes create a surreal yet emotive environment. Unique and inspired work from Bachir.

Returning to the label and providing the lone interpretation of 'The Space Between Us' is Savvas. The Chicago born, Greece based artist debuted on the US imprint in December of 2016 with his well received 'Illusion of Reality' EP, while additionally completing a remix of Ramiro Rossotti's 'Shadow Hills' in June of last year. Also boasting releases on Anjunadeep and Manjumasi, Savvas now returns to Magician On Duty with a stellar rendition of 'The Space Between Us'. Taking a cue from the original the Greek artist goes deeper and dubbier with an emphasis on redolent rhythms and tranquil atmospheres. The lead theme gets marvellously reworked into something less distinct and quite melancholic, providing moments of reflection before a poignant break ultimately seals it's brilliance.

The release concludes with Hoolz making his label debut and providing the lone interpretation of 'Roach Material'. Residing in Dubai and laying claim to releases on Akbal Music and Dream Culture, Hoolz continues to craft his brand deep, groovy house. Meticulously produced, the piece begins with warm punchy beats, tribal infused drums and a buoyant rhythmic core. Pulsating with anticipation, it's fluid cadence and chromatic warmth are ultimately what wins you over and in turn makes for a great alternative to the original. It caps off another well rounded release for Magician on Duty with both versions of 'The Space Between Us' in particular performing very well amongst DJs pre-release, with Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo championing the original version for many months. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2ZUUOBH

Release Date: 03-05-2019

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