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Alessio Cristiano – Minds [VTOPIΛ]

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Alessio Cristiano is rising DJ and producer from Naples, Italy with a futuristic and progressive vibe, who has already started to make an impact in the industry.

He delivers an incredible 2 track EP called "Minds"

The title track 'Minds' is composed by a diversity of sounds that allow us to perceive the harmony and the divine. A world without contrast and polarization is a blind world. The music tells us a story that begins with an engaging melody guiding our ears through a mysterious atmosphere, in which rhythmic elements are progressively presented until we reach a small break, giving us the feeling that something extraordinary will happen, then when our guiding melody suddenly disappears and darkness takes over our horizon, organic percussions and dark drones sneaky carry us to the climax of our experience.

"Genesis" helps us activate a state of consciousness with a continuous and mesmerizing groove, in which an initially dark and shadowy atmosphere slowly transmutes into a bright dawn.The track explores melodic movements and strong tonalities, in a perfect combination of synth and bass, creating a melodic percussion that dictates the powerful rhythm.

Buy: bit.ly/3XBGkTN
Release Date: 24-02-2023



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