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Agustin Pietrocola – Jewels EP [Deepwibe Underground]

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Continuing to add new talent to their roster, Deepwibe Underground welcomes Agustin Pietrocola to the label for his debut EP. Emerging in 2017 with a string of releases via Mystic Carousel Records, the Argentinean artist went on to showcase his progressive sound via 3rd Avenue, Dopamine White, Droid9, Mango Alley, Movement Recording and One Of A Kind. Inspired by the likes of Guy J, Marcelo Vasami and Pole Folder, Agustin now adds Deepwibe Underground to his resume with a three-track showcase entitled 'Jewels'.

This thematic collection begins the dark energetic sounds of 'Jewels of Bless'. Fiery and full on from the outset, Agustin works electric rhythms and striking effects over muscular beats and undulating grooves. Played out over seven plus minutes, its swing heavy framework gathers momentum with each successive pass, eventually leading to a timely break. Bending the narrative further, a soulful vocal takes centrestage across the interlude, bringing with it moments of drama and emotion as the groove drops for a thunderous finale.

The release continues with the equally impressive sounds of ‘Jewels of Chaos’. Well in line with its predecessor, Agustin marries crunchy rhythms and beefy percussive arrangements over a full, rolling groove. Once again, the main break is set to captivate dance floors with an array of glowing pads, billowing bass tones, sweeping effects and euphoric fragments, all of which unite for an understated crescendo and rocking, groove-centric final act.

The release concludes in fine fashion with the peak time qualities of ‘Jewels of Soul’. Beginning with perfectly sculpted beats and a robust percussive framework, it’s a compelling creation from the start. Striking effects and an icy atmospheric overlay create depth, space and tension as charged rhythms drive momentum forward. Added additional colour, a wonky sounding arp rises to prominence across the break, bringing with it waves of anticipation and ultimately sealing what is a massive sounding release for Deepwibe Underground and the best musical showcase of Augustin's young and fast rising career. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3xbqTGu

Release Date: 03-12-2021

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