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Adam Kaase – Imperial [Another Life Music]

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Continuing to add new talent to their roster, Another Life Music welcomes Adam Kaase to the label for his debut EP. Based in Brazil, Adam Kaase first emerged in 2019 with a release via G-Mafia Records. Comprised of one track, 'Brisa' caught the attention of deep and melodic DJs alike, eventually leading to well received projects for Fresco Records and Like That Underground. Now, on the strength of support from Cristian Varela, Dixon, Mia Mendi, Moguai and more, Adam makes his Another Life Music debut with a three-track showcase entitled 'Imperial'.

EP opener and title selection ‘Imperial’ finds Adam operating at the peak of his powers. Fuelled by rhythm and groove; its warm basslines, crunchy rhythms and tight percussive arrangements resonate on a transcendent level. Groovy and melodic across the first movement, Adam continues his creative ways with astral fragments and panning effects creating a bridge into the main break. Sitting in a cosmic yet thought provoking space, wavy arps and stunning effects captivate as the interlude evolves, flowing through tasteful modulation while building tension in the process, eventually spearheading a groove-centric drop and charged finale.

Moving forward to selection two Adam continues his dancefloor minded approach with ‘Spinning Around’. Landing with an equally impressive display of craftsmanship, the Rio de Janeiro resident plants multiple explosions of serotonin through astral arps, ghostly vocal fragments and disorientating projections. Clever design co-actions make for a break that is both ethereal and tense, flowing through haunted phrasing and filtered effects, before confidently returning to the groove for a heads down finale.

Rounding out the release are the mountainous grooves and pulsating rhythms of ‘Sutra’. From dark and mysterious beginnings come prophetic themes and striking electronics which captivate leading into the break. Looking to bring greater emotional depth, Adam reaffirms his musical prowess with an array of fragmented melodies and metallic effects, a union of sound which marries well across the main break, only to be washed away in a timely fashion for a thunderous drop and suitably melodic conclusion. A fitting end to a quality three-track affair from Adam Kaase, a release which looks to spearhead what promises to be a great year for the rising artist.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3YCkFvX

Release Date: 03-02-2023

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