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Yair Zarmon – Inside Out [Polyptych Limited]

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Polyptych Limited rounds out the month of May by welcoming Yair Zarmon back to the label for a new EP. Splitting time between Tel Aviv and New York City, it was DJing which came first for Israeli artist Yair Zarmon. Introduced to the craft by fellow countryman and progressive music star Guy Mantzur, Yair became a regular in the nightlife of both Tel Aviv and New York City, before ultimately turning his focus to production in 2021. Inspired by the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Deep Dish and more, it was a contribution to Bullfinch’s Spring 2021 Compilation which would mark Yair’s production debut, before going on to contribute a track to Modern Agenda’s ‘Elevation’ collection. Yair's creative partnership with Polyptych Limited would begin with the release of 'Paradise', a three-track showcase which landed amidst much praise in February of last year. Now, having continued to hone his studio skills over the last fourteen months, Yair presents his first project of 2024, making a return to Polyptych Limited with a three-affair entitled 'Inside Out'.

Beginning with 'Army of Strangers' Yair aims squarely at the dance floor with a nicely crafted slice of melodic house and techno. Full of uplifting qualities, the New York City resident smoothly blends punchy kick drums and warm rolling grooves, with wavy arps and deconstructed vocals, for a smooth rush of energy leading into the break. Further revealing his creative attitude across the interlude, Yair introduces a field of key-changing bass swells and hyperbolic arps, a combination which marries beautifully for a healthy dose of tension and emotion, before modulation peaks and a stripped back drop carries the track to finale that is equal parts smooth and hypnotic.

Moving forward to ‘Dreamstate', Yair showcases another side of his studio repertoire in focusing on retro sound design and spacious frameworks. Booming yet dreamy, its smooth cruising vibe instantly commands your attention, through snatches of flashing percussion, nostalgic vocal stabs and light melodic fragments. Airy pads add depth and space across the first act, while keeping the atmosphere light and fresh for a series of catchy rhythmic mutations to add swing to the groove. Peaking across the main break, is a clever coax of icy atmospheric tension and spastic drum fills which ultimately sets the stage for a no frills drop and tastefully spacious final act.

Rounding out the release are the mesmerizing sounds of 'Distant Present'. Looking to bring greater depth to the collection, Yair flexes yet another side of his studio repertoire here, with a driving hypnotic mood that not only straddles the divide between tech house and melodic techno, but also feels perfectly dialed for mid-set or morning play. Airy symphonics work in perfect unison with a foundation of titanium kick drums and billowing chord changes. Void of any expansive break, this is a piece which penetrates your subconscious through slow-burn repetition and emotive synth phrasing, the latter of which leaves you feeling hopeful for what is to come next from Yair Zarmon. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://tinyurl.com/4ntmsc2e

Release Date: 27-05-2023

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