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Randle – From Birgu to the Stars [RKP]

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Ruben Karapetyan's RKP continues a strong spring season by welcoming Randle to the label for his debut single. Hailing from Malta, Randle first emerged in 2022 on the strength of early productions for Another Life Music and Big Bells Records. His timeless progressive sound quickly caught the attention of the genre's diehard fanbase, leading to future projects for Droid9, Juicebox Music, and more. Also highly regarded as a DJ, the Birgu resident has been a fixture of Malta's nightlife for several years, sharing the stage with top international artists such as Glowal and Guy Mantzur, along with local hero DJ Ruby. With 2024 getting underway with a remix of Noise Generation's 'Magical Road', Randle now presents his first original project of the year, making his RKP debut with 'From Birgu To The Stars', alongside remixes from K Loveski, Rauschhaus and Jero Nougues.

The original mix leads the release off in grand fashion and only furthers Randle's groovy sound. Strong kick drums and chunky basslines move forward against a backdrop of orbiting effects and phasing synths, while layers of flickering percussion perfectly accentuate its momentum. Hazy harmonics and further synth mutations continue to elevate mood as the first of two breaks takes shape, eventually revealing an emotive lead, before a tasteful build spearheads a grooved out second act and properly tripped-out final break.

Making his label debut with the first interpretation of 'From Birgu To The Stars' is K Loveski. As one of the progressive scenes most beloved and longest running artists, it was a series of releases for Omid 16B's Alola Records which spearheaded what has been a near fourteen-year creative swell. The Saint-Petersburg resident now boasts a resume highlighted by releases via Nick Warren's The Soundgarden, Balance Music, Mango Alley and Or Two Strangers, while also earning the support of Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J along the way. With 2024 already yielding outstanding projects for Secret Feelings and WARPP, K Loveski now adds RKP to his resume with a cosmic rendition of 'From Birgu To The Stars'. Opting for a pure peak-time approach, K Loveski aims squarely at the dancefloor, taking the track into tougher territory. Complete with muscular kick drums and chunky basslines, it's a storyboard of windswept effects, processed vocals and mesmerizing synth progressions which make for an exhilarating sonic experience, one that perfectly typifies K Loveski's beloved signature sound.

Also making his label debut with the second interpretation of 'From Birgu To The Stars' is Rauschhaus. The German producer has been a highly regarded figure of the melodic house underground since first emerging in 2017 with a contribution to Steyoyoke's 'Ethereal Techno' series. The next half decade saw Rauschhaus craft a consistent stream of superlative releases via Beatfreak, Einmusika, Parquet, Stil Vor Talent and his own Forevermore imprint. With strong remixes for Clubsonica and Movement Recordings already notched for 2024, Rauschhaus continues a prolific start to the year with an emotive take on 'From Birgu To The Stars'. Groovy and rhythmic throughout, it's a heady amalgamation of sound which makes for a club-effective yet uniquely poignant journey, smoothly flowing through striking chord stabs and haunting vocals, before a clever coax of dreamy melodies elevates mood onwards to a conclusion that is equal parts epic and goosebump inducing.

The release concludes with Jero Nougues providing the third and final interpretation of 'From Birgu To The Stars'. Hailing from Argentina, Jero first emerged over a decade ago on the strength of releases via Balkan Connection's Tech division, PHW Elements and Ready Mix Records. The Buenos Aires resident would continue to refine his sound across the next 10 years, developing a groovy take on traditional progressive house and in turn finding a home on Deepwibe Underground, Droid9 and The Soundgarden, while earring support from progressive music tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. Now, adding RKP to his resume, Jero rounds out the release with a stunning version of ''From Birgu To The Stars'. Bringing a progressive state of mind, Jero carefully balances the emotion of the original with his own melodic groove-centric sound. Reprocessed vocal elements and vibrant musical clusters steal the air atop punchy beats and rolling grooves, while a tense and cosmically correct break adds just the right amount of tension for the ultimate build and thunderous finale.

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Release Date: 03-06-2023

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