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Weird Sounding Dude – Aida / Adia [Strange Town Recordings]

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Montreal's Strange Town Recordings returns welcoming Weird Sounding Dude back to the label for a new EP. The Indian artist last appeared on the Canadian imprint in July of this year with a remix of 'Meru' by Jacob Seville. Now following a remix for PHW Elements, Weird Sounding Dude finds his way back to Strange Town for his debut EP entitled 'Aida / Adia'.

As one of India's longest standing and most intriguing progressive house artists Weird Sounding Dude has always been a little bit left of centre. Many of his productions stretch much further than the traditional scope of progressive house, as witnessed by his recent EP for Praveen Achary's Juicebox Music. His debut EP for Strange Town also covers some nice ground with 'Aida' coming in as a smooth chuggy dance floor cut. What sets it apart is the gorgeous lead theme during the break. Poignant and delicate, it's hopeful charm proves to be the perfect interlude to split the groovy acts.

The companion piece 'Adia' is a touch darker, complete with trippy electronics and crunchy rhythms. It makes for a foreboding, anticipatory first act, perfectly setting up a dulcet break, highlighted by a sparse but emotive piano theme, before melting down into the meditative groove for a smooth finale. It rounds out a cool concept EP from Weird Sounding Dude who continues to impress with great musicality.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Efydcm

Release Date: 15-10-2018

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