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Various Artists – Untold Stories, Vol. 4 [Juicebox Music]

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Praveen Achary's Juicebox Music gets 2020 underway with the fourth installment of their 'Untold Stories' series. Launched in October of 2014 these various Artists EP collections feature new interpretations of some of the label's most beloved back catalog tracks. Bringing new life to the label's discography on this much anticipated fourth edition are a quartet of Indian artists who all make their label debuts.

Based in Kolkata and leading the release off is Dharmalogy who re-models Subandrio's 'Lost Soul'. Past releases courtesy of Bonzai Progressive, Movement Recordings and Perspectives Digital highlight the Indian artist's short but meticulous discography. Now presenting his first new music in nine months, Dharmalogy expands on the unique qualities of 'Lost Soul' with a nine-minute sonic spectacle. Full, warm and undeniably groovy; it’s bulbous low end, charming motifs and exotic percussion provide the framework for moments of radiant energy. Unpredictability combined with a wealth of textural creativities make this a more than worthy complement to Subandrio's massive original.

Slowly rising up through India's electronic music culture is Midnight Traffic. The Hyderabad resident has found a comfortable home on Qilla Records where he has appeared five times, along with releases on Brian Cid's Endangered and Click Records. Now debuting on Juicebox Music, Midnight traffic takes Chris Cargo's 'Crystal' into deep, hypnotic territory. The groove gets reworked into something smoother and more fluid, while a complement of crisp percussion, growling synths and glowing overlays fill in the framework. There's a greater sense of atmosphere here, particularly during the break, drifting effortlessly as clattering percussion and a tasteful build segues into a dreamy finale.

Next up and also making their Juicebox Music debut are Nosh & SJ. The Indian duo launched their production career in 2013 while also becoming residents at Mumbai’s trendiest nightclubs. Now six years on Nosh and SJ have developed a distinct sonic aesthetic which is all their own. The duo’s meticulous discography is highlighted by releases on Ziger's Eat My Hat Music, Nikko.Z's Dopamine Music and Serbian powerhouse Balkan Connection. Currently riding a wave of incredible remixes, Nosh & SJ now make their long overdue debut on Juicebox Music with a powerful take on Monojoke's 'Superficial'. The duo's boundless, energetic style translates really well here with a chugging framework and a mean rhythmic core. Icy overlays bring a unique tension across the first act, perfectly setting up a melodious cerntrepiece complete with a gorgeous take on the melodic theme from the original. Like most Nosh & SJ productions however, this does rely heavily on rhythm and groove to get the job done, which it does remarkably well and is no doubt bound for peak time success.

Rounding out the release and reworking Greg Tomaz's 'The Substance of Feeling' is Ninesh Babu. Currently based in Dubai, the Indian artist has been a fixture of the electronic underground for over a decade. Finding a place in the trancier leanings of progressive music, Ninesh has a discography that includes releases on Silk Music and Neuroscience Deep. Now fresh off a contribution to a Beatfreak Limited VA EP, Ninesh fashions a techno inspired take on 'The Substance of Feeling'.

Backed by a tough, punchy groove, the Indian artist’s exotic percussion and ominous effects quickly appease the senses. Dark and driving, it's rugged rumble and use of the original vocal elements add a flair for the dramatic. Squelchy acid stabs add further fuel to an already fiery narrative, before melting down into a cavernous interlude. Here the vocal narrative and percussive flurries combine for a tense build before a dynamic crescendo sparks an acid fuelled finale. An enormous remix from Ninesh who not only makes an auspicious Juicebox Music debut but caps off a stunning fourth edition of the labels 'Untold Stories' series. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 09-03-2020

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