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Various Artists – Evoke 01 [Onestar Records]

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Onestar Records closes out the year with the first installment of their 'Evoke' series. These various artist EP collections look to showcase previously released gems from the label's back catalog. Having now reached their milestone tenth release Onestar has not only established itself as one of Colombia’s finest imprints but are making their mark globally as well. Support from Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J and other top international talents has elevated the label into one of progressive music’s premiere destinations. Now rounding out the year on a reflective note, Onestar showcases select cuts from Meanda, Diego Ferran, Sergei Spatz and Suntech & Jhonny LP on the first edition of ‘Evoke’.

Originally released in May of this year was Meanda’s interpretation of ‘Circles’ by Suntech & Jhonny LP. From the deeper, electronica based original came a crossover of progressive house and trance which resonated very well across the summer season. The Austrian artist creates a smooth storyboard of charming atmospheres, mallet-like clusters and soaring melodies, which although are quite grandiose still retain a lovely level of restraint, making it suitable for both progressive and trance DJs alike.

A favourite amongst DJs pre-release has been Diego Ferran’s ‘Candelaria’. Originally out in February of this year as part of the ‘Caño Cristales’ EP it found the Colombian artist crafting a deep, dreamy creation that’s now found favour with Guy J. On a backbone of deep yet punch beats comes gorgeous tonal themes and radiate atmospheres. Evolving beautifully across it’s seven minute journey before getting washed away as the beats drop out of a short but emotive interlude.

Next up is Sergei Spatz who made his debut on the label in October of 2017. A highlight of his four track EP was the title cut ‘Parting’. Widely regarded as some of the Russian artist’s finest work it now rightfully gets showcased on ‘Evoke’. It’s menacing drive, clattering percussion and crisp effects sound perfect for a main room dance floor while a variety of clever hooks add mightily to it’s rolling cadence. The main break elevates the mood further by stripping down to glacial melodies and flickering percussion, before a wave of decay sparks an impactful re-entry.

The release concludes with two selections from Suntech & Jhonny LP. Now widely regarded as two of Colombia’s premiere progressive house talents, the studio synergy between the two is perpetually strong. First up and aptly titled we have the melancholic vibes of ‘Rainy Night’. Deep and subversive from the outset, it’s cosmic sensibilities eventually unite with a wave of metallic melodies, reaching a tense yet tasteful peak during an otherworldly break. The vibe and energy come up dramatically with the collection’s closer ‘Alchemy’. The Colombian duo pack warmth, drive and free flowing harmonics into this peak time creation. As the narrative evolves enlightening atmospheres add a luminous glow, elevating the mood further as broken beats and frayed percussion converge for an electric rush and massive finale. A stunning collaboration from Suntech and Jhonny which has also gained new life with key DJs pre-release. It’s a perfect way to cap off a successful year not only for the Colombian duo but Onestar as well, all of which have a bright 2019 to look forward to. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

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Release Date: 31-12-2018

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