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Guhus – Anamaya EP [Magician On Duty]

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Magician On Duty caps off a successful year with a new EP from Guhus. Much like the US imprint the Argentinean artist has also had a tremendous year. It was one of musical growth and maturity which yielded a contribution to Shanti Moscow Radio's 'Compilation of Peace' collection in August. Now looking to further his ever evolving deep, dreamy narrative he debuts on Magician On Duty alongside remixes from DSF and Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor.

Beginning with the title cut 'Anamaya' Guhus explores a wonderful blend of lazy, laid back grooves and tranquil melodic concepts. It's this fusion which has reshaped the Argentine's career with this being one of his strongest creations to date. A spacious yet poignant piano stab hits both reflective and hopeful tones, gently piercing the air while wispy, indistinct vocals drift against a backdrop of atmospheric colour. The companion piece 'Bebaloon' follows suit with a similar yet slightly beefier framework. Once again it's a timely piano motif which delivers copious amounts of emotion, as youthful voices intertwine with bird motifs and grandiose pads to open the heavens up. Absolutely gorgeous work on both tracks by Guhus.

The first remix comes from another Shanti Moscow Radio alum in DSF. The Greek artist also frequents The Purr and has forthcoming music on the fast rising Sag & Tre imprint. Here he provides a unique take on 'Anamaya' with the focus put more firmly on the dance floor. A sturdier framework adds punch and drive to the dulcet themes which have also been given a fresh perspective. The vocals play a larger role in narrative, adding a wispy almost celestial mood to the journey while spirited atmospheres and smooth chord changes elevate the mood during a tasteful apex.

The release concludes with Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor who most progressive house fans will know from their Artfaq alias. Now adopting their given names for a journey into deeper territory they provide a stunning rendition of 'Anamaya' to close out the release. The tempo comes up just a touch while the piano gets reprocessed into a blurry melodic cluster which quickly steals your heart. The vocal elements work wonders here, utilized perfectly for maximum emotional response, while a gentler, more indistinct backdrop adds mystery and intrigue across the eight minute journey. A super remix from Nacho and Cruz who should fair incredibly well with this new direction.

What can be said about the year Magician on Duty has had? It's been a twelve month stretch of incredible releases and inspired moments. Well thought out A&R choices have put their finger firmly on the pulse of a sound that continues to flourish. They've released some of the most memorable and touching deep house records that the world has to offer and in just two years time developed into one of the scenes most trusted imprints. With momentum perpetually rising 2019 holds much promise, so make sure you're following along for the ride.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2AliuEj

Release Date: 28-12-2018

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