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Teleport-X – Floating On [Deepwibe Underground]

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Teleport-X returns to Deepwibe Underground this week for a new EP. Juan Serrentino aka Teleport-X has found a comfortable home on the Russian imprint, having previously recorded two artist EPs and two remixes over the course of one calendar year. Also laying claim to releases on Droid9, Polyptych and Soundteller Records, Teleport-X now lands back on Deepwibe Underground with 'Floating On'.

Beginning with the chugging sounds of the title cut you get an immediate sense that Juan has once again crafted some progressive brilliance. Tastefully melodic, it’s bouncy tones and nostalgic atmospheres unite for a gorgeous first act. Rippling bass and firing drums add depth and rhythm, before segueing into a tranquil break which carries a lovely sense of refinement. A smooth build is executed through subtle modulation and a rush of noise, perfectly setting up a rousing finale.

Continuing with the title track ‘Floating On’ Juan brings a similar energy with nice hypnotic qualities and a fluid low end. What’s not lost though are the atmospheric sensibilities which made its predecessor so distinctive. Add to that an intriguing arp, catchy stab and a well executed break and you’ve got something to bring fire to your dance floor.

Rounding out the release are the deeper more reflective qualities of ‘Preticor’. Perhaps the most emotional of the three, it relies on sparkling effects and hypnotic arps to carry it’s progressive groove. Once again spacey atmospherics add intrigue, while an esoteric theme highlights the main break. Perhaps the most unique moment on the release, there is an uncommon combination of astral and emotive qualities conveyed here, both creative and highly memorable it makes for an intriguing conclusion to a superb collection of music from Teleport-X. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3exMEq2

Release Date: 17-04-2020

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