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Suntech & Jhonny LP – Psychotic Runner [Onestar Records]

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The latest release from Onestar Records finds label owners Suntech & Jhonny LP back in the spotlight with their new single 'Psychotic Runner'. The Colombian duo have been responsible for some of our favourite tracks over the last year, most notably 'Undersky' from November of 2018. Progressive music taste makers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren are also steadfast supporters, featuring many of duo's tracks in their live and radio sets. Now as the summer season approaches we find this enigmatic duo back with a new single alongside remixes from Sergei Spatz.

There's always a great energy about everything Suntech and Jhonny create with 'Psychotic Runner' being no different. It's smooth, yet buoyant vibe is not only super groovy but incredibly inviting. The methodical build is executed with extreme precision as wavy arps gently elevate mood as the first act progresses, before ultimately building to a sonic sizzle during the main break. It's a unique contrast of emotion and tension, with an underlying rush of drums creating the perfect energy bridge into an exhilarating finale.

Providing the lone interpretations of 'Psychotic Runner' is Sergei Spatz who returns to the label for his third appearance. It's been a quiet start to 2019 for the Russian artist after rounding out 2018 with a contribution to the label's 'Evoke' collection. Now presenting his first productions of 2019, Sergei provides two stunning renditions of 'Psychotic Runner'. The 'Club' mix makes great use of the main themes in a slightly more esoteric fashion. It's unique, quirky and most of all quite groovy with a mild emotional leaning as the main break approaches. The vocal pads take centre-stage here, drifting amidst a wave of sonic artefacts and tepid atmospheres, before elegantly peaking as the beats drop. Sergei's main mix rounds out the release lowering the temp a touch for a deeper more brooding vibe. Trippy and groovy in equal measure it's veritable smorgasbord of astral effects and spaced out atmospheres. Although this collage of psychedelic audio is incredibly captivating it's chugging groove keeps the focus on the dance floor quite nicely. Add to that a more emotive break where the main arp stands out and you've got a very inspired production from Sergei. Many times two remixes from one artist turn out too similar but these are remarkable different and ideal for different times and occasions so they do make for a very well rounded release. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2VKzmRy

Release Date: 20-05-2019

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