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Sub Chunk – Skyland [Onestar Records]

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Presenting their first release of 2022, Onestar Records welcomes Sub Chunk to the label for their debut EP. Based in Bogota, Colombian duo Sub Chunk first emerged as DJs, gaining notoriety for their versatile sets and hybrid live shows. Their unique approach to programming music quickly led them to perform at their country's largest festivals, such as Storyland, BlackBox, Heimat Indoors and Radiónica's Loop 54, while sharing the stage with top international talents Colyn, Huxley, John Digweed, Layton Giordani, Noir, Sasha and more. Although their discography displays one release, a 2018 offering via DTL Records, the duo's true sound will not be fully reflected until 2022, where the Bogota residents will unveil a string of highly anticipated projects which showcase their new sound. The first of said releases comes courtesy of Onestar, where Sub Chunk makes their debut with a three-track showcase entitled 'Skyland'.

In what continues to be a fruitful partnership, Sub Chunk craft three of their finest cuts beginning with 'Ripples'. Warm beats, rippling bass tones, and spacious percussive arrangements set the piece in motion, as vocal phrasing and piano stabs encase the framework. The vocal storyboard expands as the first act evolves, bringing greater depth and emotion, eventually shifting energy and mood into a nostalgic break. Expansive and poignant, the piano takes centerstage across the interlude, gently blanketed with misty atmospheres, eventually giving way to a flurry of drums and a gentle acid line which spearheads a glowing finale.

The second selection 'Blindspot' follows suit with an equally impressive display of rhythm and musicality. Spacious and groovy, it's a creation built around exotic drums, dulcet tones and stunning effects. Warm bass swells bring a gentle rush, perfectly playing off subtle synth phrasing as the first act unfolds, eventually melting down into a heartwarming break. Intriguing vocal samples add nicely to the story as the break evolves, drifting off in timeless suspension, as the beats drop for a feel good, key changing conclusion.

Rounding out the release is the tastefully restrained yet rhythmically powerful 'Skyland'. Soulful instrumentation and colourful percussion sit perfectly over tepid beats and buoyant bass tones. Whimsical pianos and elastic-like bass lines highlight the first movement, before a fuzzed-out interlude resets the narrative for a finale that is both funky and emotive. Destined to be favoured by a broad range of DJs over the coming months, 'Ripples' makes for a promising start to Sub Chunk's impending audio travelogue. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3LKg5Gk

Release Date: 22-02-2021

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