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Mononoid – Evolution Transform [ICONYC]

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Presenting their first release of year, John Johnson's ICONYC welcomes Mononoid back to the label for a new EP. Having made their label debut in 2018, the Dutch duo have developed into primary artists for the US imprint. Now nearly four years on and Mononoid have racked up fourteen discography credits for ICONYC, while also finding a home on Beatfreak, Beat Boutique and Movement Recordings. Now on the strength of last years 'Fate of Vision', Mononoid returns to ICONYC with 'Evolution Transform'.

Never bound by conventional genres, Mononoid flex their borderless production chops on the lead selection 'Evolution Continues’. Fuelled by rhythm and groove, it’s sleek foundation and hopeful undertones set a warm yet mystical vibe early. Creamy tones dance across the framework as the first act evolves, eventually giving way to emotive chord changes and a colourful, character rich lead line. The main break melts down to an array of impressive effects, bringing a moderately tense vibe as processed vocals cue a classy drop and driving finale.

The companion piece 'You Transform’ is equally impressive with it’s deeper drive and unpredictable tonality, the latter of which ultimately forms the backbone of this thrilling journey. Wavy grooves, fluttery percussive arrangements and wonky lead themes are sure to deliver heady moments on the dance floor, while a timely build during the second act unveils a third and unabashedly epic lead motif which seals it's contemporary appeal. Exhilarating and memorable, it rounds out a welcome return to ICONYC for Mononoid, who continue to be one of the progressive scene’s most creative duos. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3I5HNe6

Release Date: 18-02-2021

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