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Stereo Underground – Zooz EP [Lost & Found]

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Guy J's Lost & Found Records begins the summer season by welcoming Stereo Underground back to the label for a new EP. The Israeli artist made his label debut in 2017 with the chart topping 'Northern Lights / Glacier Meadows' double a-side release. Also finding a home on Balance, Beat Boutique, Sudbeat Music and UV, the Tel Aviv resident now returns to Lost & Found with a three track showcase.

Continuing what has been a remarkable year for Stereo Underground is the EP’s opener 'Zooz'. Captivating from the start, it’s robust beats are warm and powerful, perfectly anchoring a rippling, free flowing bassline. Crafted with precision and detail, layers of effervescent percussion are blanketed with swirling atmospherics, wispy effects and fragmented melodies. Void of any major break, this is creation that excels on rhythm and flow, accented by timely drops and bassline changes as it percolates towards a glowing finale.

The journey continues with the driving, peak time vibes of ‘Space Fields’. Energetic from the start, it’s rugged bass tones and dynamic percussion play off a robust rhythmic core, making for a sleek, hip swinging groove. It’s hypnotic appeal grows mightily, as arpeggiated fragments and wonky modulation add a cosmic slant to what is an already engaging storyboard. Once again void of a traditional break, the narrative remains fiery with a series of rhythmic shifts and drops keeping the energy fluid and dramatic throughout.

The release is capped off in fine fashion with the quirky mood of ‘Turbulencia’. Continuing the EP's lively feel, Stereo Underground marries unique sonic artifacts with meditative rhythms and billowing bass tones. More stripped than it's predecessors, the storyboard remains highly engaging, perhaps making for the best listen on the release in fact, all tied together with a brain melting break and percussive drop to light up your dance floor. It rounds out what is an inspired collection of music from Stereo Underground, making for yet another excellent addition to Lost & Found's impeccable discography.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2NEb5Ga

Release Date: 29-06-2020

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