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Soulmade (AR) & Dimel De Silva – Dimension [Soundteller Records]

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Soulmade and Dimel De Silva present their debut collaborations via Deersky's Soundteller Records. Hailing from Argentina and Sri Lanka respectively, the duo have achieved measurable success in their solo careers. A collective discography points to releases via Dopamine White, Droid9, Future Avenue and Strangers Beats, while earning support from a wide range of progressive house DJs. Now uniting their creative forces, Soulmade and Dimel land on Soundteller Records with the 'Dimension' EP.

Beginning with ‘Ascendancy’ the duo crafts a peak time progressive piece with a gorgeous rhythmic storyboard. Played out over nine minutes, it’s muscular groove, buoyant cadence and mystical effects work beautifully together. A slow methodical build is likely it’s strongest suit, subtly adding emotional touches, spacey arps and melodic clusters as the first act evolves, before a timely break advances the narrative with a wave of breezy effects and pulsating bass tones, as the beats drop for a driving finale.

The second selection ‘Hypnotize’ follows suit with similar sonic attributes but a with a greater emphasis on the groove. Once again, it’s a full, rolling low end which anchors the journey. Incredibly powerful and full of great character, it adds huge momentum to a storyboard of hazy melodies and swirling effects. Coming to full fruition during the main break, the mood rises again with heady modulation sparking a thunderous drop and atmospheric denouement.

The release concludes with another classically styled creation entitled ‘Dimensions’. Warm and fluid like its predecessors, the duo places a large emphasis on a strong effects narrative, while keeping prominent musical themes to a minimum. Carried by the strength of it's thumping groove, this is perhaps a perfect transitional track during the peak time portion of the night. Deadly sounding stuff from Soulmade and Dimel De Silva, who have certainly made their debut collaborations hugely memorable. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3glUsyl

Release Date: 11-06-2021

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