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Feature: SIS [interview]

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Hi Burak, thanks for joining us today, how are you and where in the world are you today?
Hello, first off all, thanks for having me :) I am close to Barcelona, in the country side.

You discovered music through your father who was part of a folk band I believe, tell us how that shaped your own musical journey.
Well I think the best answer to that is my music itself. Especially those unreleased tracks with influences from all over the world. To be an entertainer is something I learned from my father and I am very thankful and happy for that. I love to make people dance and smile.

Your bio stats a 'dancefloor epiphany' led you to discover DJ Culture and techno, was that one singular moment in  a club? If so please tell us about it.
OH yes. Mr Karotte was playing an unbelievable kind of native Indian set at u 60210 in Frankfurt. That was the night when I decided to do what I am actually  doing :)

About 10 years ago you got signed to Nick Curly's Cecille imprint, would you say that was a pivotal moment in your career and what else do you look back on as major achievements? 
To have two of my biggest tunes almost signed on the same day was pivotal for sure.

Trompeta on SED and Nesrib on cecille.

You've got a new project out on Mobilee this week, a gorgeous vocal number in collaboration with Benjamin Frnkln. Tell us about the production process and inspiration behind that track.
Well it was more an innocent idea of making music with my dear friend Benjamin frankln, as we previously produced a more down tempo pop tune. It was about time to make something for the dance floor :)

How did the project end up on Mobilee? Was that always a label you had in mind for it? 
I've been waiting about 3 days 3 nights in front of the mobilee office. It was rainy, stormy, cold, wet and dark. At one point Ralf gave up …Nahhh. I like the boss of the label and all the roster. Most of them are friends. So it was a question of time before I jumped into the mobilee squad :) :)

Tell what's happening with your label Cocolino Records, the last release was your 'Confidance' album in 2013, any chance of seeing it revitalized in the future? Or perhaps a new imprint? 
Nope. Unfortunately cocolino is done. Sometimes it's good to leave things where they are and start something new. That’s what I did. I started a new print called Pour Vous. The next EP is gonna be from Mr Ezekiel, a dope EP and timeless music.

You've played many of the world's most prestigious venues from Fabric to Amnesia, Ibiza, is there a gig or moment in a club that sticks out looking back?
To many to count them now :) Maybe I should do the same touring again, but this time  with more space to realize what happens :)

Current favourite tracks?
Oceanvs Orientalis - Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix) // SIS feat. Benjamin Frnkln 'The Get Down'

What can we expect to hear next? Anything you can tell us about?
Oh yes, there is a lot:) I’ve just made a remx for LUM. Kadebostany. I also signed an EP for the beginning of 2018 on Crosstown Rebels. There is going to be a collaboration with Bedouin and Blondish, and a track on the next meandisco compilation. What also makes me very proud and glad is a remix for a Mr giorgo moroder EP. Also a new live act called the solo ensemble. Including toys like the keyboard and a Roland e drum kit, which gives me space to trigger any kind of drums tones - they have always been my biggest passion music wise.

Cheers burak

SIS feat. Benjamin Frnkln 'The Get Down' is out now on Mobilee RecordsLink

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