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Roman Kandel – Dibujo De Un Paisaje [Deepwibe Underground]

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Embarking on their second full length album project, Deepwibe Underground presents Roman Kandel’s debut LP. December of 2020 marked Roman's label debut with the release of the Hernan Cattaneo supported 'Mahasim'. The equally well received 'Carina' then followed in January, serving as the perfect teaser to Roman's full length artist album 'Dibujo De Un Paisaje'.

Comprised of ten tracks, the primarily club oriented album features highlights from Roman's first two Deepwibe EP's, with Carina, Boulder City, Mahasim and Personalitet all finding a place on the long player. Flexing his versatility with the electronica/organic openers 'Matinada' and 'Rayos En La Niebla', Roman then proceeds to unleash four new club productions beginning with 'Naranja Cielo'. The Spanish artist's impeccable craftsmanship shines here with an arp driven piece that excels because of it's simplicity. Both timeless and emotive it sets the mood nicely for the glowing themes of 'Caminar'. Complete with heavenly vocal phrasing, windswept atmospheres and exotic drum work, it's a heartfelt journey which never loses sight of the dance floor.

Tension rises slightly on 'Sombras De Invierno' with it's spiralling arps and robust drums. Wonderfully offset with hopeful overlays and fragmented melodies, it finds Roman operating at a creative peak, pushing the envelope just enough to tease the senses without losing it's timeless flair. Perhaps heavier still is the album's closer 'Negro Noche' which presents one of the collection's strongest rhythmic themes. Set up beautifully with layers of organic percussion and buzzing synth lines, the two breaks which follow provide a sense of calm. Not over the top emotionally by any means, it's tasteful disposition wins you over quickly and could no doubt serve up some magical dance floor moments as well. For an artist alias that is still in it's early stages releasing a full length album is a bold move and Roman has done a remarkable job here, bringing progressive music fans even closer to trademark sounds while adding additional scope to his repertoire in the process. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 15-03-2021

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