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Robert R. Hardy – Before The Fall [SoulArt Recordings]

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SoulArt Recordings kicks off 2018 with a hugely anticipated EP from Robert R. Hardy. The Hungarian artist launched the label in a major way last year with his critically acclaimed debut album. Now regarded as one of the leaders in the progressive house new school Robert presents his ‘Before The Fall’ artist showcase.

I’m not sure Robert has ever been better than what we heard on his album last year but the four tracks covered here more than rival it. Beginning with the title piece where the Hungarian explores deeper shades of melodic house. It’s laid back groove is quite roomy with warm, pulsating swells welcoming you into their harmonious swing. The melodic complement is subtle and that's where the magic lies. There’s a gorgeous seaside atmosphere here and it’s radiant glow would sound perfect in the sets of many deep house DJs. ‘Konig’ meanwhile offers a slightly more progressive framework with a nice gallop underlying the groove. Again the melodic
elements are relatively subtle, developing methodically over the first five minutes before timely chord changes inject that extra dose of emotion for a classy finale.

The aptly titled ‘Story of the Dark Side’ follows with a more sinister narrative. A full, driving low end provides a perfect anchor for the cold, astral designs which dominate the top line.The broken rhythms add a lovely shuffle to the break, complementing the tasteful yet powerful build into the hypnotic third act finale. A great change in mood from the previous two selections. The release concludes with ‘Timeless’ which casts a perfect reflective tone over the EP. The production is incredibly inviting, from it’s warm creamy groove to charming motifs it sits as the ultimate piece to tie the entire release together. Robert is no doubt set for big things this year and this EP is the perfect primer for what’s to come. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2E8w2nb

Release Date: 29-01-2017

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