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Rich Curtis – Return [Clubsonica Records]

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Rich Curtis - Return [Clubsonica Records]

The latest release from Clubsonica Records welcomes Rich Curtis to the label for his debut single. Since his first release on Cid Inc's Replug Records and continued success on Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music, the Aussie artist has been on top form for over seven years. Now making his much anticipated debut on Clubsonica Rich presents his latest single entitled 'Return' alongside remixes from Sebastian Busto, Tonelab and Bluecell.

Long noted for his unique production traits and endless creativity, Rich delivers one of his all time best in 'Return'. Built around a vibrant rhythmic core it's a playful piece with timeless sensibilities. Bouncy arps and scenic synth overlays provide a tasteful emotion before slowly melting down into the main break. Melancholic and anticipatory in equal measure, it's a well constructed storyboard as broken rhythms and phasing noise lead to a wondrously warm drop and charming finale.

The first interpretation of 'Return' is provided by Sebastian Busto. Now following releases on Balkan Connection and Soundteller Records Sebastian makes a welcome return to Clubsonica with a great rendition of 'Return'. It's robust groove and grandiose melodies are immediately striking but it's perhaps the heartfelt break which steals the show. Clocking in at just over a minute, orchestral motifs and airy atmospherics pave the way for the chugging groove and warm chord changes to carry the journey home.

The second interpretation of 'Return' is provided by Tonelab. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Philip Rex aka Tonelab has a storied history in electronic music with previous projects Decoy, IMPS (with Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson from Son Kite/Minilogue) and Rex'n'Chappo. Now making his much anticipated debut on Clubsonica Tonelab puts his own unique spin on 'Return' with a deeper, more minimalistic approach. The melodies get reinvented wonderfully; quirky and esoteric in nature, melding perfectly with the groovy surroundings. A smooth second act just adds to its liquid like flow before peaking with a break of astral modulation.

The third and final interpretation of 'Return' is provided by Blue Cell. Recent releases on Stellar Fountain and Suffused Music have been received amidst much praise and they close the release out with a strong interpretation of 'Return'. Tough yet heavenly the piece moves through a narrative of strong chord stabs, wonky effects and celestial vocal pads. The percussive energy shifts as the second act builds anticipation, leading to a cosmic finale to cap the release off in style.

A brilliant debut on the label from one of the progressive scenes veteran producers in Rich Curtis, further solidifying Clubsonica as imprint very much on the rise.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2Alad0u
Release Date: 13-11-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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