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Rafa’EL – Faith Healer [Dopamine White]

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The latest release from Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes Rafa'EL to the label for his debut EP. The Polish artist has been a fixture of the progressive music underground since first appearing in 2013 with releases on Balkan Connection South America and Soundteller Records. Seven years on and a veteran of the genre, the Zawiercie resident has added Afterglow, Beatfreak, ICONYC, Movement Recordings and Proton Music to his well-kept discography. Now making his much-anticipated Dopamine White debut, Rafa'EL presents his 'Faith Healer' EP alongside remixes from EANP and Andre Moret.

Beginning with the groovy sounds of the title cut you get an immediate sense that Rafa'EL has crafted some of his most detailed work to date. Tastefully melodic, it's buoyant foundation, fragmented melodies and warm swells unite for a gorgeous first act. Bassy tones and percussive flashes add depth and rhythm, before segueing into a moderately tense break which carries a lovely sense of refinement. A smooth build is executed through subtle modulation and a gentle rush of noise, perfectly setting up a cosmic finale. The companion piece 'Neon Dreams' focuses on more of a deep, reflective narrative. Beautifully designed, it's dulcet beats play off shimmering arps and spacey sweeps, before eventually melting down into a tranquil break. Creating emotion with each successive loop, icy pads descend over the drifting melodies, as the groove begins to rise before stripping down into an intricate drop. Delicate yet powerful, it rounds out two sensational productions from Rafa'EL who makes his Dopamine White debut a memorable one.

The lone interpretation of 'Faith Healer' is provided by EANP who make their label debut. Having worked together since 2014, it wasn't until 2018 that Ezequiel Anile and Nicolas Petracca decided to coin the EANP alias for their collaborative efforts. The moniker has taken off and seen them land releases on Balance Music, Beatfreak and UV, while earning continued support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. With a 2019 appearance on parent label Dopamine Music, EANP now lands on the White division with a powerful rendition of 'Faith Healer'. Intricate and groovy, it's a mesmerizing journey into the depths of progressive house. Tougher than the original, its muscular framework is offset with astral artefacts, effervescent effects and hopeful overlays. Rising atmospheres make for a gorgeous break, underpinned with processed vocals and intriguing effects, before the beats drop for a commanding finish.

Rounding out the release and providing the lone interpretation of 'Neon Dreams' is Andre Moret who returns to the label for his second appearance. Hailing from São Paulo but now based in Campinas, the Brazilian artist has been rising out of his country's burgeoning progressive house scene since his first release in 2018. Having already released an EP with Dopamine White, Andre has also showcased his music on Balkan Connection, Clubsonica Records, Droid9 and Soundteller Records. Now returning to the label for his first remix, Andre delivers an inspired take on 'Neon Dreams'. Anchored by a warm, chugging groove, its rhythmic core comes up quickly, with layers of finely tuned percussion and luminous tones uniting for a swing heavy framework. Effervescent arps and haunting overlays slowly fade to prominence, elevating mood and momentum, before a trance-like lead during the main break seals its emotive appeal. Rhythmic and musical in equal measure, it caps off another must have release on Nikko.Z's Dopamine White.

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Release Date: 05-10-2020

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