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Paul Angelo & Don Argento – Sign of Erevos [Soundteller Records]

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Paul and Don Argento make their debut on Deersky's Soundteller Records this week with 'Sign Of Erevos'. Well known for their work on Russia's Clinique Recordings the Cyprus based duo has also appeared on Movement Recordings. Now to close out a successful 2017 the duo present their debut single for Soundteller alongside remixes form Erdi Irmak and Marcelo Paladini.

Long noted for their old school sound Paul and Don once again showcase their love for that enduring movement. Backed by a dark, chugging groove and electric rhythms it's dramatic from outset. The energy and momentum picks up quickly and just as it builds to a boil the piece strips down into a tension filled break. Stretching well over a minute in length , ghostly atmospheres and melancholic melodies steal the air before a powerful drop sends things back into overdrive. Massive stuff from Paul and Don.

Erdi Irmak supplies the first remix and completely reinvents the track with a much deeper approach. Quite organic sounding, it's a joy to listen to as dulcet tones and sultry rhythms carry the piece into the break. Broken beats lead to shimmering motifs and a subtle but oh so gorgeous motif which completes this emotive story. Great remix from Erdi.

The release concludes with Marcelo Paladini shifting gears back into pure progressive house territory. The groove stays pretty close to the original with perhaps a slightly less aggressive tone but the lighter melodic elements play throughout the mix which creates a gorgeous contrast between dark and light. A relatively short break strips the piece down to its atmospheric core before a groovy third act closes out the track. Another solid remix from Marcelo and a great debut for Paul and Don on Deersky's Soundteller Records.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2nFpnMw
Release Date: 11-12-2017

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