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Orsen – Through The Woods [Replug]

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Orsen - Through The Woods [Replug]

Combining timeless progressive grooves with contemporary techno elements, Dan Baseley aka Orsen has found a unique sonic space. With a 2016 highlighted by his Beatport #1 Sudbeat EP, the UK born, Austria-based artist began 2017 with a remix of Argentina’s finest in Mariano Mellino and Interaxxis. Amidst much praise, a remix for progressive house pundit Roger Martinez followed shortly thereafter on Proton Music. However, in a year devoted to reconstructing his sound, original productions have been scarce, with a contribution to the ‘Replugged, Vol. 2’ collection sitting as the stand-alone piece. As fate would have it, a creative burst has now led Orsen back to Replug to release his first and hugely anticipated artist showcase for the label.

Spread out over four tracks the 'Through The Woods' collection is a sonic journey that captivates every step of the way. Beginning with the deep and roomy 'Black Deer', Orsen explores textural swells and radiant atmospheres. Evolving arrangements and buzzing designs bring a meditative state before an exquisite break builds towards a whirring finale. Stylistically diverse, the collection moves to the uber-cool 'Wakey Wakey'. Already a favourite of Replug label boss Cid Inc it’s a piece built on distinctive vocal phrases and spiritual overlays. Beautiful and haunting in equal measure, traversing a unique plane, pulsating with anticipation and delivering with its mesmerizing cadence and iridescent warmth.

‘Cloudspotting’ might be the EP’s most riveting creation with its voluminous groove and dark stabs. Moving closer to peak time territory, travelling through subtle shades and tones, ultimately peaking with tasteful modulation and charming hooks. Like a well crafted story the title and closing piece ‘Through The Woods’ drifts closer to techno territory, showcasing some of Orsen’s most inspired design work to date. On a backbone of free flowing, percussive experimentation comes rippling bass and arcane rhythms. Tightly programmed beats and cerebral messages steal the air, showcasing precise craftsmanship and capping off what is an utterly engrossing collection of music from Orsen. 

Timing has always been a key element in electronic music and this collection arrives at the perfect moment. One where the interest in progressive music is buzzing at its highest point in over a decade and congruently where Orsen has found his creative stride yet again.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2etidHo
Release Date: 01-09-2017

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