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Luka Sambe – Shepherds In The Stars [Replug]

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Luka Sambe's musical universe is an enlightening place, where a diverse palette has filled his sonic journey with innovative creations. Discovering house music was a life-altering moment for the Australian artist; its adrenaline and poignant spectrum changed him forever moving forward. In a career highlighted by releases on Lost & Found Records and long standing German imprint Traum Schallplatten, the Guy J favourite has now carved out a unique place in the electronic underground. For Luka music has always been about telling a story, one that captivates on various planes yet translates well on a dance floor. His ability to capture emotion comes from a very honest place, it resonates through his music, making each creation more anticipated than the last. Now making his debut on Cid Inc's Replug Records, Luka embarks on his most ambitious project to date, the concept collection 'Shepherds In The Stars'.

We all experience our life journey in different ways, yet the course is sequential. The mind is a powerful space governed by senses and phases that guide us through our chronological migration. In Luka Sambe's new 5-part EP entitled 'Shepherds In The Stars', you are led through the truths, triumphs and obstacles of each stage of our existence. Featuring guitarist Eisenzahn, the playful romp 'Equilibrium' represents the beginning. Radiant and full of soul it segues perfectly to the heartrending 'Hills Of Emeralds'. Jangly hooks and smooth chord changes bring vibrant feelings, where we rediscover the joyful adventure of our infancy. Representing adolescence, the mood shifts with "Liminal Shadow', as the tempo slows and darker, haunting tones highlight the piece. An audio travelogue of sorts with clustered motifs, strums and orchestral designs creating a symphony of sound. Once again featuring guitarist Eisenzahn, the brooding 'Vortex of Bewilderment' represents the repetitive circle of adulthood. A highly creative piece with distinctive musicality and a myriad of complex emotions. There's a sense of struggle here, yet despite the obstacles we face on our journey, we all have 'Shepherds in the Stars' that guide us to our destiny. The title and closing piece represents just that, a sense of reflection, an air of hope, with tension lifted towards a greater existence.

An ambitious, expansive and diverse sonic story from Luka Sambe. One which will touch your heart and also explore your deepest, most sensitive memories. With such a broad emotional spectrum explored here, it further cements the Australian artist as one of the underground's most creative and imaginative talents.

Buy: btprt.dj/2pM4Upl
Release Date: 12-06-2017

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