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Nau Squaglia – Midnight Blues Remixes [Earthly Delights]

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Out now, is the second part of Nau Squaglia’s album, which features brand new remix versions from a selection of talented producers including Sealtian, Sides, Agustin Ficarra, Francesco Mami, Maezbi, Tayu, Purpura, Arteforma, Ivan Sandhas and Monner.

The original release orientates mainly around organic house and for the most part, and the new remixes stay true to that genre, but some diversify into deep tech/minimal and deep house.

Many of the remix artists have got close ties to the Earthly Delights imprint that released the original album and the new remixes, but many of them have also worked with other noteworthy record labels.

Francesco Mami for example has featured music on record labels such as Abracadabra Music, Katermukke, Watergate Records, Crosstown Rebels, Stil Vor Talent and Bar 25 Music.

On a whole, it’s a package of new versions which have been made with the dance floor in mind, but collectively they still play as a package that has home listening appeal.

Nau Squaglia's original tracks warm the soul with their uplifting melodies and each of the remixes are true to the vibe of the original, but with a twist that gives new perspective to what is already an impressive body of music.

We did want to give a special mention to Purpura’s remix of “Schism” as it caught our attention with the way it’s spiralling synths create hypnotising suspense. He also uses rising pads and shuffling percussion to create a bedrock for the vocal which is used sparsely to give it maximum impact, and the drop after the breakdown is very well put together.

All tracks on the release are excellent, but Purpura’s is a great example of the quality that runs through this release.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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