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Amir Telem – Govinda Bawa [Earthly Delights]

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Amir Telem

Earthly Delights presents a deep and organic release by Amir Telem, which has a warm atmosphere, melodic grooves and flowing percussion.

Amir Telem is an American artist whose broad tastes cover a full range of melodic styles, from indie dance to progressive house. He is also an accomplished DJ and talented producer whose style fuses spellbinding melodies and enchanting atmosphere. This is his debut release on the Earthly Delights record label, and it follows tracks and remixes on other respected imprints such as Bar 25, 3000 Grad Records, Pipe & Pochet, Harabe, Mango Alley and Rebirth.

"Govinda Bawa" is the first of the three original tracks on this EP, and it has Afro rhythms combined with soothing vocals and poignant pads that build tension as the invigorating groove unfolds.

"Jharikhanda Forest" is a percussive track with aboriginal percussion and rainforest ambience laying a foundation for trippy tribal chants and haunting synths.

"Mohini" closes the release with psychedelic acid synths and ceremonial vocals, giving this track a spine-tingling suspense as the ominous bassline creates captivating tension.

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