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Monojoke – Life Source [Soundteller Records]

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Monojoke continues a great year by returning to Deersky’s Soundteller Records with 'Life Source’. Having released his well received 'Point of No Return' EP through the Polish imprint in February, the Polish artist has also showcased his music on Another Life, Droid9 and Electronic Tree in 2020. Now following his 'Awakenings' EP for Sound Avenue affiliate 3rd Avenue, Monojoke lands back on Soundteller with a three track artist showcase.

Sitting firmly in pure progressive territory, it is the enchanting sounds of ‘Autumn Gray’ which leads the release off. On a bed of warm beats and rolling bass lays effervescent rhythms and radiant atmospheres. Layers of percussion add swing and drive leading into the break, while otherworldly effects steal the air. Emotive overlays highlight the centerpiece, adding moments of hope and reflection, before effortlessly shifting energy into a classy crescendo as a lead melody drops for an emotive finale.

The EP’s second and also title selection follows suit with driving beats and rolling rhythms. Energetic, detailed and undeniably groovy, it’s a powerful journey into the depths of progressive techno. Wispy effects, astral stabs and percussive clusters set the course for a narrative of drifting harmonics. Cosmic creativities add further depth leading into an emotive break, as a cascading lead rises on wards to a huge third movement.

Rounding out the release is ‘Mannequin Face’ which once again showcases that trademark Monojoke sound. Backed by a chugging groove and clattering percussion, it's nostalgic moods quickly win you over. In recent years the Polish artist has softened his melodic approach, always leaving something to the imagination, rather than resorting to sledgehammer techniques, it's something that is particularly evident here once again, with a hazy, summer inspired beauty that caps off an excellent return to Soundteller Records. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2EcyxZB

Release Date: 17-08-2020

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