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Max Blade & Ignacio Berardi – Rhamnous/Alu [Soundteller Records]

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Max Blade and Ignacio Berardi return to Deersky's Soundteller Records with a new double a-side entitled 'Rhamnous/Alu'. Based in Argentina, the duo has achieved great success in their past production endeavours, with a collective discography highlighted by releases on Bedrock, Droid9 South America and The Soundgarden. Although past label appearances have seen Max and Ignacio either solo or in other collaborative projects, they now come together for their first joint effort alongside remixes from Juan Ibanez and Hot TuneiK.

Beginning with 'Rhamnous' Max and Ignacio craft a deep and groovy slice of progressive house. It's shapely low-end immediately grabs your attention, setting the perfect foundation for a storyboard of dreamy arps, buzzing effects and drifting melodies. Flowing smoothly throughout, striking stabs and rising atmospheres emerge at perfect moments to give the track an extra dose of energy leading into the break. The centrepiece delivers a calming mood with it's colourful atmospheres, before getting washed away in the thumping groove for a smooth finale. The companion piece 'Alu' follows with a slightly darker, more percussive feel. Devilish electronics and trippy vocal loops complement the rolling groove, while haunting overlays fade in and out of coherence. An icy sounding break brings more ominous vibes, setting the course for a finale which is both heady and prophetic.

The lone remix of 'Rhamous' finds Juan Ibanez returning to the label. The Argentinean artist has risen dramatically over the last year, releasing both solo material and a wide range of collaborative projects. Known for his peak time sounds he brings that sensibility to 'Rhamous' in fine style. Smooth and groovy from the outset, the relationship between the rhythmic and melodic elements is excellent. Progressively more poignant as the narrative evolves, it’s warm key changing bass, wispy effects and fragmented melodies work emotional wonders, while the main break elevates mood further with a dreamy vocal complementing the pixie-like melodies and dazzling effects perfectly.

Rounding out the release with the lone interpretation of 'Alu' is Hot TuneiK who returns to the label. It's been just about two years since the Mexican artist appeared on the Polish imprint, having since found a home on 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection, Clubsonica Record and Proton Music. His deep, percussive sound is beloved by many fans and he brings it to 'Alu' in an excellent way. The tempo comes down a touch and there's a deeper vibe overall with shadowy atmospheres and dubby rhythms fuelling the narrative. The vocal loop gets reprocessed further for a lovely late night feel, while a series of atmospheric swells provide a tastefully constructed apex. Wonderful music from Hot TuneiK which caps off a great collaborative project from Max Blade & Ignacio Berardi. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3csE6BR

Release Date: 26-03-2021

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