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Max Cue – Gloom 1.0 [Pollen. Sounds]

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The inaugural release from Pollen.Sounds finds Max Cue stretching his creative wings with 'Gloom'. Established as subsidiary of the Belgian artist's long running Pollen. imprint, Pollen.Sounds will serve as an additional creative outlet for both Max and his contemporaries. The label's first release finds Max presenting his first new music of 2021 with the five track artist showcase 'Gloom'.

Max diversify's his portfolio further with this expansive collection, beginning with the arcane sounds of the title piece. A cut that fuses futuristic sound design with propulsive percussion and prophetic synth motifs. What lies at the core of the creation is a compelling emotional architecture, quite dark and almost morose or paranoid at times, it tactfully builds to a tension filled apex in the tracks final act, while perfectly seguing into the more direct and dance floor minded 'Viscous Circle'. Max let's loose here with a robust, muscular groove laying the groundwork for poignant pianos, emotive arps and a thought provoking vocal sample which highlights the main break, on wards to a spirited finale.

Borrowing more from his classical influences is the EP's third selection 'The Mill'. Bringing mood and energy back down from it's predecessor, this concise four and a half minute journey establishes a nostalgic narrative which becomes highly emotive. Setting the course is a broken beat, almost electro inspired foundation which waves of impassioned keys and metallic arps intertwine for a glorious blend of colour and texture. Turning the focus back to the dance floor is 'Ground Zero' which powers forward with a buzzing energetic pulse, quirky harmonics and clattering percussion of the exotic variety. It's this fiery drive which perfectly shifts energy into the collection's final and most reflective creation 'Migraine'. Although moody and thought provoking at times, there's a unique sense of hope locked inside this one, most notably during a finale of warm bass swells, swirling noise and pixie-like melodies. It not only shows considerable range for a five minute piece, but also leaves the listener wondering what might come next. Stunning stuff from Max Cue who gets Pollen.Sounds off to a resounding start with 'Gloom'. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 01-04-2021

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