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Martin Andrioli & Max Blade – Ambar [Soundteller Records]

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Martin Andrioli & Max Blade debut on Deersky's Soundteller Records with 'Ambar'. The Argentinean duo have enjoyed much success in their respective career's with a collective discography that includes releases on John Digweed's Bedrock Records, Nick Warren's The Soundgarden, Dreamers, Massive Harmony Records and Stellar Fountain. Now coming together for their first ever collaborations, Martin and Max land on Soundteller with a two track showcase.

Beginning with ‘Ambar’ Martin and Max work rhythmic hooks over a tough groove and fiery percussion. Smooth and effortless, the narrative evolves with fragmented melodies and gaseous effects descending over the framework. Timely drops serve to advance the narrative as a cascading motif steals the air, leading into the break before perfectly shifting energy into an exhilarating finale. Definitely one for a peak time dance floor.

The companion piece ‘Void’ is equally impressive with it’s robust framework and hypnotic qualities. Again backed by punchy beats and a powerful groove, it’s clustered motifs carry a lovely roll, almost meditative as they sit against a tension filled backdrop of percussive flurries. Stunning effects add further fuel to the fire, building waves of momentum across the first act, before the lead rises to a tasteful boil during the main break as the beats drop for a powerful finale. Equally as big as it’s predecessor it rounds out a massive EP from Martin and Max who make an impressive Soundteller debut here. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2yUzOSF

Release Date: 13-04-2020

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