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Mariner + Domingo – Le’ Carnival [Sound Avenue]

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Madloch's Sound Avenue imprint welcomes Mariner + Domingo to the label for their debut EP. The US artists have an extensive history in electronic music, dating all the way back to the early nineties when the Florida club scene was a central hub for the movement. With a sound that resonates between organic and progressive house, the US duo have re-emerged over the course of 2020. Releases via Balkan Connection, One Of A Kind, RYNTH and The Purr have been vehicles for their romantic melodies and exotic rhythms. Seemingly a perfect fit for Sound Avenue's music policy, the duo now make their first appearance on the label with 'Le' Carnival'.

Mariner + Domingo's rapid rise continues with three stunning pieces of music, beginning the appropriately titled 'Le' Carnival'. Played out over a vibrant eight-minute journey, a narrative of vocal fragments and Mediterranean motifs gets intertwined with rolling bass lines, organic drums and playful musicality. Acting as the thematic core, the centrepiece showcases a carnival inspired vocal narrative, as a maze of luminous clusters provides a gorgeous segue into a heavenly finale.

The second selection 'Beneath Pretty Lights' comes with a greater organic sensibility. Building in waves, it's warm beats, exotic percussion and fluid rhythms are a delight for the senses. Misty arps drift across billowing bass tones, while indistinct vocals add depth and character throughout the first act. Furthering the romantic storyboard, the main break elevates mood through additional vocal phrasing, before a hazy harmonic drift shifts energy into an enchanting drop.

Rounding out the release is the tastefully restrained yet rhythmically powerful 'Kampfire'. Soulful instrumentation and colourful percussion sit perfectly over tepid beats and bulbous bass tones. Trippy yet playful, it's cascading keys are beautifully interwoven, providing a magical transition into a daydream worthy finale. It caps off a hugely successful project from one of the organic house scene's fastest rising duos, furthering solidifying Sound Avenue's place in the burgeoning genre.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3ncR0Xj

Release Date: 23-11-2020

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