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Nohak – Nebula [Infinite Depth]

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For its 22nd EP, Infinite Depth is welcoming the French Nohak on the label. The EP consists out of five impressive originals, with 'Nebula' as title track. The collection of tracks can be recognized by its darker progressive ambience with now and then trancy influences.

The first track, called 'Omega', already shows particular elements which are characteristic for Nohak's sound, which he presents through this EP. During the track there is a constant dance going on between unexpected high pitched synth, female vocal shots and raw synths. A dance that starts at the beginning of the track and flows over into the next one.

This next track is the title track 'Nebula'. In this one the hypnotizing trance influenced elements are developing throughout the first half of the track, giving you a harmonious feeling. Right at the drop this developments gets stopped by short synths and details, all communicating with each other. While this communication is going on, the hypnotizing elements are coming back, bringing the track to a peaceful end.

The third track is called 'Ixion' and carries a darker mood. The tracks has an ongoing flow with well balanced components, which are corresponding each other. This rolls you unnoticed into the first break, giving you a refreshing, but uplifting moment in between this ongoing flow. After this moment heavier elements are striking and descending towards the end of the track.

'Ophiuchus' is representing the darker side of the EP. Its gloomy bass and imposing synths are perfectly combined with higher and hopeful aspects. This combinations all works towards one impressive moment, where it all bursts apart.

The final track of the EP 'Book Of Universe', is stepping up the groove and covers the most important elements mentioned before into one track. Also Nohak managed to add some more interesting tricks, which all together form a composition that could be seen as a perfect summary of the full EP.

Buy: bit.ly/2IpqZFw
Release Date: 20-11-2020



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