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Marcelo Paladini – Overprotect EP [Soundteller Records]

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The latest release from Deersky’s Soundteller Records welcomes Marcelo Paladini back to the label for a new EP entitled ‘OverProtect’. The Argentinean artist first appeared on the Polish imprint in 2013 with his 'Olive Man' EP. The Mar Del Plata resident then went on to record two additional singles and nine remixes over the next seven years. Although prolific in his earlier years, Marcelo has only had one release since 2018, the recent 'The Drugs' EP for Itom Records. Now looking to continue that momentum, Marcelo returns to Soundteller with a three track artist showcase.

Beginning with 'Rain Curtain' Marcelo explores a gorgeous blend of organic drums and charming musicality. Warm beats and layers of exotic percussion set the foundation for a narrative of wistful themes and plush motifs. Luminous tones, sparkling arps and heavenly pads then drift over the framework for impassioned moments, before melting down to a heavenly centrepiece and glowing finale.

The second selection ‘It's Just That’ continues the ethos of the EP while adding a slightly more playful quality. Smooth, groovy and a touch esoteric, it’s a captivating seven-minute journey. Cascading tones and dubbed out chord stabs marry wispy motifs and thoughtful atmospherics, while organic drums and hazy harmonic concepts provide the perfect prelude to a gorgeous final act.

The third and final piece ‘OverProtect’ finds Marcelo crafting a reflective creation to round out the EP. From smooth, percussive beginnings comes buoyant yet elegant rhythms. Blissful atmospheres and haunting vocal shades drift over dulcet beats and clustered instrumentation. As the narrative evolves so too does its emotive appeal, eventually coming to full fruition during a tranquil break and impassioned conclusion. A fabulous way to round out such a lush sounding EP from Marcelo, a producer who has certainly remodelled his sound in favour of the deeper more romantic styles that are so prevalent at the moment. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3iwM4ts

Release Date: 05-10-2020

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