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Luke Santos – I Am Everything [Musique de Lune Noire]

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Presenting their inaugural release Musique de Lune's Noire division welcomes Luke Santos to the label with 'I Am Everything'. As a DJ for well over two decades, Argentina born, Netherlands based artist Luke Santos has delighted crowds across the world with his far-reaching sound. Long-standing events such as ADE, WMC, The Love Parade and more have been recurring locations for Luke's exquisite taste and impeccable programming skills; while GU Music, Sudbeat and The Soundgarden have been global music brands to request his talents. A near decade-long career as a producer indicates his selective nature, with Cid Inc's Replug Records, Guy Mantzur's Plattenbank and Global Underground being the primary landing spots for his stunning creations. Now, emerging from a near five-year hiatus with a fresh assortment of music, Luke Santos unveils his much-anticipated album 'I Am Everything' via Musique de Lune's freshly coined Noire division.

Comprised of eight distinctive and equally compelling creations, it is the thought provoking, mood setting experience of 'I Am the Messenger' which leads the release off. Featuring the spoken word vocals of ZOHAR, this Shpongle-esque dub-centric piece perfectly segues into the intricate details of 'I Am Human'. Organic and groovy in equal measure, timeless tonal themes and flurries of percussion blanket flickering arps and punchy beats for a modern day dance floor escapade. Selection three 'I Am Alien' lands as one of the collection's most invigorating creations as Luke allows the listener to relish in the groove before unleashing kaleidoscopic arps, prophetic drones and striking percussion for a tension filled apex. Continuing to diversify his portfolio, Luke creates a retro-radiant mood on selection four 'I Am Timeless'. Aptly titled, its nostalgic arps and spacious drum arrangements take a look back to the early nineties for a creation that pays hommage to the groundwork laid down by our predecessors.

The album's halfway point finds perhaps its most consciousness expanding creation in 'I Am DMT'. Full of detail and idiosyncrasies, it's a low slung voyage where Luke explores a storyboard of spastic motifs, earthy vocal samples and meandering musical coactions. Beneath the mind altering qualities of 'I Am DMT' lies the darker realities of 'I Am NRG', a tense swing-heavy journey where percolating arps marry melodic fragments and waves of noise, resulting in an energy rush for the ages. Following on from this titanic main room assault are the hypnotic qualities of 'I Am Plasma'. Wobbly grooves and off kilter electronics set the stage for a near seven-minute mediative drawl, perhaps perfectly suited to a late night headphone listening session, it smoothly segues into the collection's title and closing piece 'I Am Everything'.  Featuring the vocals of Modern Agenda's Amber Long, its grungy breakbeats and character rich bass drones lay the foundation for Amber's hopeful message and metallic melodies to put a cap on what is an impressive debut long player from Luke Santos. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3ClOcAb

Release Date: 11-10-2022

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