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Luis Kiverling – Dia de Mariscal [Balkan Connection]

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In September of 2017 the progressive house underground lost one of its brightest talents and most pleasant personalities in Luis Kiverling. The Argentinean artist and Varona label boss had a passion for music that touched everyone who came to know him. Although the majority of Luis' unreleased tracks and remixes have been given away since his passing, Balkan Connection has chosen to honour one of his last wishes and the assemble the remixer team of his dreams for his final single 'Dia de Mariscal'.

Luis' infectious personality always seemed to resonant through his music and this is certainly the case with 'Dia de Mariscal'. Bursting with positive vibes it springs to life with a deep rolling groove and playful electronics. Emotive harmonics run through the piece, conjuring up visions of a summery, care free day before eventually stripping down into its second act. The dreamy, one minute interlude keeps the rhythm locked while dulcet hooks add their own charm before a quiet calm foreshadows a heavenly finale. No doubt one of many tracks Luis will be remembered for and one the progressive community will hold close to its heart.

Luis' love for pure, timeless progressive house is evidenced by his remixer selection of Andrea Cassino, Matias Chilano, East Cafe, Ewan Rill and Lucas Rossi. Each artist has presented some of their best ever work in honouring Luis' life and transcendent spirit. Andrea Cassino leads the way with his trademark smooth, pulsating grooves and wispy, atmospheric drifts. The emotive qualities from the original are well conveyed throughout an airy first act before shifting closer to the heavens during a heartfelt main break. A gentle build results in a subtle yet symphonic crescendo, encompassing Luis' warm spirit and leading to a gorgeous finale.

Matias Chilano continues this sanctified journey with one of his most dance floor oriented productions to date. From his deeper, atmospheric beginnings the Argentinean artist has been on an ever evolving production journey which has now seen him become a regular in the sets of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. Here he adds a chunky, percussive vibe to 'Dia de Mariscal' all while retaining the mystical qualities of the original. A dubbier affair but with enough emotive bursts to raise some goose bumps along the way.

Hungary has become a Mecca for progressive house and East Cafe is one of its scene's most revered talents. Now a favourite of Hernan Cattaneo the Budapest based artist delivers another spectacular remix here. Backed by a full, rolling groove and strong rhythmic core, East Cafe lays down the perfect foundation for a heartwarming nine minute excursion. Twinkly, pixie-like melodies highlight a gorgeous first act before a main break of broken beats leads to a chugging finale.

Balkan Connection artist Ewan Rill is next and once again brings his impeccable remixing skills to 'Dia de Mariscal'. The Russian artist and Sever Records boss has a real knack for crafting strong rhythmic creations and does so once again. Often opting for a route spectrums away from the original material, here he maintains the melodic integrity with his own quirky twist, resulting in a production that is both emotionally stimulating and also primed for a main room dance floor.

The release concludes with another rising Argentinean star in Lucas Rossi. Based in Cordoba, Luis has been a mainstay in the sets of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren since making his debut four years ago. Aptly coined 'Memories' Lucas' interpretation of 'Dia de Mariscal' embodies the warmth and drive of the original with a sleeker more refined approach. It's sparse, bubbly motifs hit just the right emotional chord, building with refinement and resonance that elegantly peaks during a celestial finale. A reflective sounding creation that once again epitomizes the warm, spirited soul that we all knew Luis to be. Taken from us far too soon but his spirit and music will live in our hearts forever.

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Release Date: 07-05-2017

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