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Lucas Rossi – Retrospective [Golden Wings Music]

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Lucas Rossi

Golden Wings Music returns for its second release of the year by welcoming Lucas Rossi back to the label. The Argentinean artist first appeared on the Argentinean imprint with a contribution to the 'Unique Series II' collection released in October of 2015. Now making a much anticipated return Lucas presents his latest EP entitled 'Retrospective'. 

It's been a fruitful year for Lucas, who has seen his music showcased on Balkan Connection, ICONYC, Northern Lights and Stellar Fountain. For his debut EP on Golden Wings he presents two of his most cutting edge productions to date, beginning with 'Retrospective'. From its deep, hypnotic intro the piece builds with mountainous bass swells, clattering percussion and spaced out arps. Wispy pads carry nicely into the break, before catchy vocal edits and clusters of snares bring tension and a dynamic drop. 

The companion piece 'Wonderland' comes in a touch deeper and equally charming. Bubbly melodies, grainy percussion and tantalizing tones get wrapped up in a lovely summery glow. Indistinct vocals advance the narrative into the break as energy and mood shift before a classy return sets off a gorgeous finale. Two stunning productions from Lucas with Golden Wings Music as the perfect carrier and flawlessly timed for the end of the summer season. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2vwYYiV
Release Date: 28-08-2017

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