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Lucas Rossi – I’m Still Here [Dreamers]

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Fernando Ferreyra’s Dreamers caps off a successful first year with a new EP from Lucas Rossi. Launched in February with an EP from rising star Sebastian Busto, Dreamers has established itself as one of Argentina’s finest progressive house imprints. Antrim’s ‘Harmony of the Seas’ remains a discography highlight and now one of the scene’s finest in Lucas Rossi prepares a five track artist showcase entitled 'I'm Still Here'.

Lucas has always been quite choosy with this his projects so to be treated to a five track EP is a great way to end the year for progressive music fans. Beginning with ‘A New Beginning’ we get a deeper, mid tempo piece that should cross-over quite nicely. It’s warm, breezy atmospheres are incredibly inviting, complemented with airy vocal pads and luminous synth swells. Organic in nature and oh so smooth it’s a perfect prelude to the equally gorgeous ‘In Your Hands’. The tempo shifts up slightly here but the vibe remains deep, warm and quite charming. A delicate lead theme plays across it’s near eight minute journey, vibrant in nature it comes off both emotive and introspective, leading to what is ultimately a serene finale. The smooth, free flowing journey of the EP continues with ‘Collecting Moments’. Built around a series of melodic clusters and a storyboard of vocal fragments it’s quite pixie like in nature. As it strips down into the main break you get what is perhaps one of the EPs most memorable moments; as frayed indistinct vocals get lost in a haze of harmony and grain for what is a glorious sonic moment. The forth selection 'Infinity' almost sounds like a seamless continuation of the story, with a similar sonic ethos and cool spacey vibe, it also helps that it's written in the same key as well. It serves as not only an impressive stand alone piece but it's momentum and vibe provides a perfect bridge into the final and most uptempo piece on the collection 'I'm Still Here'. As the title selection is certainly anchors the EP wonderfully with its strummy lead and evocative themes. Conceptually it's the most pure progressive creation on the release, carrying a smooth yet energetic flow which is very much in line with some of Lucas' finest work. What's most fitting though are its reflective qualities, allowing you to look back on the journey that lead you here and also emanating hope for what the future will bring not only from Lucas but Dreamers as well. Both have had sensational years and i can't think of a better way to round it out than this stunning five track showcase. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2C3GhK3

Release Date: 17-12-2018

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