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Kris Dur & Nicolas Prieto – Ewoh [Soundteller Records]

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Deersky's Soundteller Records rounds out the month of July by showcasing a new collaborative EP from Kris Dur & Nicolas Prieto. Hailing from Mexico and Argentina respectively, both Kris and Nicolas have been staples of the progressive house underground for several years. The duo's combined discography is highlighted by releases on Deepwibe Digital, Droid9, MNL, Lake Underground, Strangers Beats and more. Now, joining forces for the first time, Kris and Nicolas land on Soundteller with a three track showcase entitled 'Ewoh'.

Title track 'Ewoh' comes crashing in with a strong progressive mood as the duo works rolling rhythms and flashing percussive arrangements over galloping beats and nicely contoured grooves. Buzzing electronics create a sense of tension across the first act, perfectly setting up the introduction of a creamy lead melody. Playing across a short but timely break, the melody serves great purpose, elevating mood just enough to make the drop all the more impactful.

Selection two 'One' is equally impressive with it's tight, compact framework and thunderous kick drums. There's a strong sense of cruising here, as Kris and Nicolas let the listener relish in the groove with orbiting effects and emerging arps paving a way into the break. Tranquil and tense all at once, the interlude has a nostalgic feeling to it, building anticipation through careful modulation, eventually revealing a stripped drop and driving finale.

Final selection 'Turmalina' begins with a lovely array of bright percussion and buoyant rhythms. Timeless in design, it's got the same bouncy, groove-centric vibe of it's predecessors making for a wonderfully styled release from start to finish. A slow burning build out of the second act makes it perfect for early or mid-set play, and not only rounds out the release on a strong note but should create a vibrant mood on the dancefloor. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3YacgR6

Release Date: 28-07-2023

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