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Berni Turletti – Prana Vayu [EDGE]

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Presenting their second release of the year, EDGE welcomes Berni Turletti to the label for his debut EP. Perhaps best known for his releases on Or Two Strangers, Higher States, Sudbeat and The Soundgarden, Berni Turletti brings a unique energy and perspective to progressive music. With the backing of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, the Argentinean artist has been tipped as one of the genre's future stars. The last two calendar years have seen the Cordoba resident in constant motion, becoming more prolific and recording standout projects for Peace Symphonies, Plattenbank, Proportion and Mango Alley, while continuing to be one of his country's finest progressive DJs, in turn sharing the stage with Antrim, Christian Smith, Dmitry Molosh, Ezequiel Arias, Henry Saiz, Mariano Mellino, Simon Vuarambon and more. With 2023 beginning with three well-received remixes, Berni now unveils his first original project of the year, making his much-anticipated EDGE debut with 'Prana Vayu'.

Destined to be a highlight in Berni's discography, 'Prana Vayu' lands in impressive fashion and once again shows his craft must be taken to heart. Swing heavy grooves and billowing stabs start the journey on a darker monochrome, before hopeful fragments and emerging atmospheres shift the tone into one of optimism. Berni's confident club energy continues to grow leading into the break, as emotive chord changes reveal a melodic interlude where a dreamlike elegance takes shape. Thickets of fuzz swell and intensify across the poignant centrepiece, elegantly peaking, before getting washed away as wavy arps and a rush of drums unleash a groove-centric finale.

Beneath the powerful tidal waves of 'Prana Vayu' lies the equally impressive 'Samana'. Here, it's Berni's recalibrated sonics, emotionally resonant hooks and assured atmospheres which blanket finely tuned kick drums and deep groovy bass lines. There's a strong sense of cruising across the first movement, allowing the listener to relish in the groove, as melodies open up and balmy textures create a colourful canopy of sound, onwards to a finale which is equal parts surreal and emotive.

The third and final selection 'Everything is Here and Now' rounds out the release with a remarkable display of rhythm and musicality. Tight, compact and bursting with ultrasonic energies, it's a creation built around euphoric melodies and temperate harmonies. A commanding first movement allows Berni's craftsmanship to shine across the main break, with effervescent phrasing and fuzzed out synth swagger cleverly coaxing, eventually melting down to a sonic sizzle, as thunderous effects shift energy into a thumping finale. It's a thrilling conclusion to a fresh three-track showcase, one where Berni makes an impressive EDGE debut, and carefully balances rhythm and groove with technique and melody.

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Release Date: 28-07-2023

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