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Kerabo & Plus Thirty – Tears of the Sun [Lohit Deep]

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Lohit Deep opens the month of December with a new EP from Kerabo and Plus Thirty. Indian artist and Lohit label boss Kash Trivedi has been building his Kerabo production alias for the last three calendar years. With a fresh amalgamation of progressive grooves and cross-cultural motifs, Kash has notched over twenty discography credits under the Kerabo moniker, recording memorable releases for Zephyr Music, Skanda Records and of course Lohit Deep. Meanwhile, Greek duo Plus Thirty have been fixtures of the progressive house underground for the better part of two decades. The Athens residents have compiled an impressive resume, bringing their electric style to Deepwibe Underground, Droid9, ICONYC, Stellar Fountain and more. Now, as 2022 winds to a close, Kerabo and Plus Thirty combine their extensive forces for a three-track showcase entitled 'Tears of the Sun'.

Beginning with the title selection it's clear the creative synergy between the trio is strong. Warm beats and a full, rolling groove set the foundation for a narrative of charged rhythms and clattering percussive arrangements. Nostalgic stabs steal the air as the first act evolves, while cross-cultural vocals meander through the mix at timely moments. Emotion builds with poignant pads providing a bridge into the main break where the vocal narrative expands. Pushing an otherworldly vibe the vocal soars through soulful phrasing across the centrepiece, as a backdrop of textural colour and warm bass swells ignite a powerful drop and groovy final act. Also included is a 'Dark Intro Mix' which carries all of the wonderful hallmarks of the original mix but with a three minute atmospheric prelude to set the mood just right.

Selection three 'Angels of the Moon' lands with an equally impressive display of craftsmanship. Smooth and uplifting throughout, it’s a collage of warm pulsating beats which sets the mood for ethereal vocals to work their magic. Retro-arps delight across a short but timely break, bringing more of a trance inducing vibe, before smoothly segueing into a thumping drop and chugging final movement.

The release concludes with 'Just a Game' which finds Kerabo and Plus Thirty once again crafting a retro-progressive vibe. Energetic and fluid, it carries a sleek yet groovy quality from the outset. Gaining momentum across the first act, the piece moves through a series of grainy arps and cosmic effects, as timely stabs and driving percussive arrangements push energy forward. The dramatic narrative expands across the main break, as the arp percolates against a vortex of noise, before melting down to a lone 'Just a Game' vocal sample to set the stage for a darker finale. The trio wisely leaves any cross-cultural motifs out of this particular piece, as I feel it would have been a bit too much across all three offerings, rather opting for a timeless peak time worthy vibe to close the release out on a strong note. Highly recommended. 

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Release Date: 02-12-2022

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