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Jose Tabarez & Pat Siaz – Panopticon [Soundteller Records]

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Jose Tabarez and Pat Siaz team up for a first time collaboration on Deersky’s Soundteller Records. Hailing from Hungary and Cyprus respectively the duo has enjoyed much success in their solos careers. Releases on Movement Recordings, Sound Avenue and Stellar Fountain have highlighted their discographies, ultimately leading to their first joint production ‘Panopticon’.

On paper there is an interesting contrast of styles with Pat’s background more rooted in melodic techno while Jose has always treaded the waters of progressive house. ‘Panopticon’ sees a perfect blend with the melodic narrative sitting somewhere nicely in the middle. Ethereal at points but also quite emotive, particularly during the break, it’s a wistful journey all backed by a chuggy progressive minded foundation. Jose and Pat have also included a ‘Balaeric’ version which adds a breathy vocal motif and a distinctive tonal theme which flows through some lovely modulation during the break. A more spacey, tripped out version which still packs emotional punch, with a third act that really pulls at your heartstrings. Sometimes when there is a second version of a track on a release there really isn’t any point to it as it doesn’t offer much of an alternative to the original but this absolutely does. Great job on both versions here.

The first interpretation of ‘Panopticon’ is supplied by Soundteller label artist Echo Babylon. UK duo Kim Lagusz and Laurie Judd aka Echo Babylon made their debut on the Polish imprint in April with their well received ‘Half Man Half That’ EP. Most recently they remixed ‘Stratosphere’ by Findike for Julian Rodriguez’s Massive Harmony Records. Now returning to Soundteller, Echo Babylon provide their first remix for label, taking ‘Panopticon’ into deeper, more hypnotic territory. It’s always nice when a remix doesn’t sound like a bootleg of the original and this definitely sits in it’s own sonic space as it should. The tempo shifts down a touch and the meditative qualities come up with gorgeous textural drifts, rugged yet fluid rhythms and just the right amount of emotion to keep it on the right side of cool. Super remix from Echo Babylon.

The release concludes with Milos Ilic returning to the label and providing the second and final remix of ‘Panopticon’. The Serbian artist last appeared on Soundteller in March of 2017 with a remix of ‘Time in Space’ by Hot TuneiK. Now presenting his first and much anticipated production of 2018 Milos closes the release out with a stellar interpretation of ‘Panopticon’. Much like Echo Babylon’s remix this does it’s own thing as well making for a really well rounded release. Trippy and catchy in equal measure, the main theme really does grab you right away, and then it’s the unique design which follows. Immaculately processed claps and an unpredictable astral storyboard definitely shine, while a sturdy, floor friendly framework anchors the seven minute journey. Awesome remix from Milos which rounds out one of Soundteller’s most complete releases of the year. Highly Recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2JZTHw4

Release Date: 25-06-2017

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