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John Drummer – Listen To Me [Stellar Fountain]

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Presenting their second release of the year, Stellar Fountain welcomes John Drummer back to the label for a new EP. With over twenty production credits across the last decade it's safe to say John Drummer has found a comfortable home on Stellar Fountain. The Hungarian artist has also worked on projects for Electronic Tree, Mirabilis Records and Stellar Fountain's Black division. Now, presenting a follow-up to 2020's 'Hope', John returns to the label with 'Listen to Me', alongside remixes from Domingo + Loveclub and Omar Essa Remixes.

Beginning with the deep percussive grooves of the title track, John marries heavily contoured basslines with cosmic effects and muted chord stabs. Expansive at eight minutes in length, evolving percussive arrangements and mysterious atmospheres add nicely to its otherworldly pulse, before shifting energy into a cinematic break. A variety of tasteful effects and textural colour dominate the interlude, creating anticipatory vibes without revealing too much, as the beats drop for an uplifting finale. Meanwhile, the companion piece 'You Can Fly' feels a bit pacier with it's lively percussion and pulsating bass tones. A short break sets up some lovely bass modulation which is a primary point of interest as the track builds, eventually revealing a flickering arp driven break which should mesmerize your dance floor.

Occasional studio partners Domingo + Loveclub provide the first remix and take it further into organic territory. The duo's exquisite production is on full display here as perfectly sculpted basslines anchor youthful melodies and complementary harmonics. Additional warmth arrives across the break with glowing textures adding depth, colour and emotion, onwards to a heartfelt finale.

The second and final remix of 'Listen To Me' is provided by Omar Essa who makes his label debut following releases for 3rd Avenue and Sound Avenue. The Egyptian artist adds some nice variety to the release with an organic breakbeat take that complements the previous versions quite well. The whimsical qualities of the original are enhanced throughout, resulting in an emotional, release closing version that's nicely suited to the morning hours. Gorgeous work from both remixers here which makes for a hugely successful Stellar Fountain return for John Drummer. Don't miss it.

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Release Date: 20-01-2023

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