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Jim Rider – Oaxaca Moonshine [Musique de Lune]

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Presenting their first release of the summer season, Musique de Lune welcomes Jim Rider to the label for his debut EP. Since emerging in 2017, UK artist Jim Rider has enjoyed measurable success across the last half-decade. A release on Lee Burridge's Tale & Tone set the course for a four-year creative swell, one which would see the London resident record projects for All Day I Dream, Akbal Music, Kindisch, Tale & Tone, TRYBESof and Nick Warren's The Soundgarden. This consistent stream of superlative releases alongside extensive global touring has firmly placed Jim amongst the organic movements elite class of producers, with a bevy of the genre's tastemakers championing his work. Now, fresh off the release of his latest ADID vehicle 'Two More Days', Jim Rider makes his Musique de Lune debut with a two-track showcase entitled 'Oaxaca Moonshine'.

As the whimsical melodies and exotic percussion of opener ‘Oaxaca Moonshine’ unfold, it’s clear that Jim’s craft is continuing to evolve. There's a strong sense of cruising initially, letting the listener relish in the groove and panoramic musicality, before clustered pianos drive energy and mood into a spirited break. Vibrant chord stabs and sparkling electronics set the backdrop for a spoken word vocal sample to captivate your imagination, making for a hugely memorable break, and one which effortlessly transitions into a piano infused drop and sweeping sonic finale.

The companion piece 'The One That Got Away' picks up the pace just a touch but follows the astute musicality of it's predecessor quite nicely. Panning tonal themes and magical sounding arps make a strong initial impression, one which is nicely followed by looping vocals and riding percussion. A sensational coax of sound that works wonders in creating swing and depth within the framework, but what it also does is perfectly set up up a finale of retro-tones and one stellar drum fill which should not only be deadly on a dancefloor, but rounds out the release on a high note. Any murmurings of staleness and paint by numbers melodies within the organic genre can be put to rest with these two productions, which show at the elite level the genre is continuing to flourish. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/44RXOjk

Release Date: 11-08-2023

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